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Improved Condi Hackmode

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I have made some progress in running Igo on my AVIC f30bt. This hack is heavily based on the Condi-Hackmode v. 1.4 and on the poseidondebug mode that has been found by pionara .

It allows you to run Igo 8.3 and probably also other 3rd party nav software using an external GPS receiver with sound and even TMC working.

This hack was tested only on my f30bt using the 2017 european map update. You might brick your device if you try this with older software versions. So please update your unit with the 2017 maps before you try to use this hack.

Just put all the files within the morushack_1.0 folder in the root of an SD-Card. Put this into the HU, once the testmode screen is visible go to file maintenance and navigate to \NAND folder and check if you have a file called "PRG.FLG". If you have it, go to the \NAND\PRG1\Apl folder, otherwise go to the \NAND\PRG0\Apl folder. All files and subfolders from the folder "to_be_copied_in_APL_folder" must be copied here. But before you can do this, you must delete the file "Voice.exe", because in the testmode file maintenance mode one cannot overwrite any files.

If you later on want to remove this hack, just delete all the files that have been copied to this folder and rename "Voice1.exe" in "Voice.exe".

Before you restart the HU, delete both the "TESTMODE.KEY" and the "autorun.mscr" files from the root of the SD-Card usinf the file maintenance menu.

Your HU should start as usual. Now you need to enable the hidden debug menu as follows (has to be done only once):
1. go to navigation menu, favorites. edit existing or add new favorite. (search method does not matter - just need to get to the "name" field)
2. while in "edit favorite" view, click on name button. you should now see the keyboard to edit the favorite name
3. here you type in "POSEIDONDBG ON", but then instead of hitting OK, press and hold the top center of the screen.
4. it should go back to map screen, and you have enabled debug mode.

You will notice some debugging output overlayed on the map screen. Don't worry you can turn it off in the hidden debug menu. To enter the debug menu: go to navigation menu, then press and hold top center of screen. If you get a red text that reads "ERR" or a blue text "GPS", you can turn it off via the GPS debug entry in the hidden menu. Just go to log and disable GPS logging.

You can now start the hackmode via this hidden debug menu. Open it and select "APL Exit" from the list and after 10-15 seconds you should see the windows ce desktop. Now you can launch any ce program you want. You can go back to the AVIC original software via the "restart" link on the desktop. If you want to get sound output from ce programs, you need to play an mp3 from either the sd-card or an USB drive while you chose "APL Exit". Otherwise you will have no sound other than the source that was selected while you got into the debug menu.

If you want to start automatically any software (e.g. Igo) instead of the windows ce desktop, you can put the "autorun.mscr" file in the root of the sd-card (or a USB drive) and adjust its contents with a text editor accordingly. I run Igo 8.3 in this way using the following sys.txt file:










Currently the internal GPS receiver is not working, but you can use an external receiver. See the end of the Condi Hackmode thread for an explanation how to connect an external GPS receiver. I already have an idea how to enable the internal GPS receiver. However, due to lack of time it is unlikely that I will succeed...


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