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F700BT stuck on black scree

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hello, and thanks for looking.

I have a F700BT which was working fine then started giving issues, in the beginning it would "say system startup in progress" and then reboot and keep looping this. I tried resetting  to no avail. I then tried reinstalling some software but nothing, I was getting into testmode until I dont know what happened (more like what I did) and the the screen just was stuck on the pioneer logo at start up and keep rebooting every 30 seconds or so. Now the screen has  no logo, I hear the fan run hard for abour 10-15 seconds before the button lights go off and then nothing.

I tried going into the bluescreen menu, tried installing from SD Card and it with run for about 20 seconds then go blank. the most it will install is 44% before going black.

Any info or help appreciated. I currently took the unit out and have it connected for trial and error.

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