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AVH 2300 NEX Back Up Camera Issue

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Hi, I have an old 4runner and had a Z2 installed. The unit was bad, disc reader, Phone issues, Etc. I bought a 2300 NEX and installed it myself using the Scosche wiring harness adapters for my car. The back up camera works fine when I first start the car.

However, I have to close the camera "Box" by Xing out of it. When  I drive and then put into reverse, I do not get a back up camera. I can manually get the the back up camera by going to AV and selecting the rear camera and it works. Again, I have to exit out of the camera screen manually. 

I am using the "Top-tier" license plate camera sold on Amazon. The camera has a "trip"wire for the back up lights and a ground wire. It is hooked up to the reverse light harness at the back of car.,and grounded. I also have the AVIC back up "trigger" wire.  However, attached to the back up wire harness or not connected, the camera does the same thing. I am wondering if I connect the back up camera "trigger wire" to the AVIC unit "trigger" wire if it would be the correct wiring. I did not want to wire it that way prior to asking here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated .





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OK, We figured it out. The backup "trip" wire pigtail was not installed correctly on the back up light switch. 

It had a loose connection on the wire. Bad butt connection. replaced it and I rewired the back up camera and, the connection to the head unit "trip" wire.

All good now!

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