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Avic 8200nex with antenna from z120BT

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Hey guys,
Just was wondering something regarding GPS antenna's. I had a Pioneer avic z120BT since 2010 and recently purchased and installed a Avic8200NEX i noticed that the GPS antenna connections on the back of the 8200 was the same as z120 so i kept my old antenna rather then rip out my interior to run the new wire. So my question is will there be any positive or negative using the z120 GPS antenna or worth upgrading it for any reason? Tried searching but couldn't find any answers. ThanksĀ 

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While I can't speak to your 120's,IIRC the GPS antenna from my Z140 worked with my 8200 when it was installed.Maybe check the "accessory" listing for your units at Pioneer and see if they're the same?

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