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  1. Avic 8200nex with antenna from z120BT

    While I can't speak to your 120's,IIRC the GPS antenna from my Z140 worked with my 8200 when it was installed.Maybe check the "accessory" listing for your units at Pioneer and see if they're the same?
  2. Firmware Update 1.04 For 8201NEX

    Don't do it.Leave it alone.
  3. Problems with AVIC 8200 NEX

    I see you've updated both units involved in the problem. IIRC,the latest Pioneer update includes a change to reduce noise when the head unit is connected to an Apple device. Have you tried a factory reset?
  4. 8200-NEX Utterly confused on how to update the Maps...

    You're welcome.I think it was bottom right for the maps in naviextras.The bottom left was the extras.I did maps first and noticed it.I installed the extras and then plugged it into USB 1 on the head unit.Did you do the firmware updates as well?I noticed the navigation software got REAL glitchy and hard to load after that update.
  5. 8200-NEX Utterly confused on how to update the Maps...

    I had a problem with my updates not working.I found there was map updates and "other" updates listed.Do both.
  6. 8200-NEX Utterly confused on how to update the Maps...

    First off: 1. Did you do both updates when you used Naviextras to download the maps? 2. In the GPS settings,it tells you what the map versions are.
  7. Update Maps on Z140BH?

    To be honest,I would expect the OEM's to support map updates for the duration of the vehicle's warranty period or at least one year with the option to upgrade to lifetime for a nominal fee. These radios are a luxury aftermarket add-on to a vehicle. My Garmin 3590 CAME with lifetime free updates. I also bought lifetime updates for my previous 755T at the princely sum of $90 directly from Garmin. That unit came with one year free. There was two updates for it before I had to pay for more. So how badly is this wonder toy out of date on maps by now? You can buy ONE update for $120 and it even comes with a Bluetooth update! The people that won't pony up,get buppkiss as well as No Bluetooth update. That last one should be done through Pioneer. So if you don't pay,you get to keep using stale maps and dodgy B/Tooth. Not very good support for what WAS pioneer's flagship. Maybe they're thinking you'll trade it in for the new model?
  8. Update Maps on Z140BH?

    That brings back memories.
  9. Update Maps on Z140BH?

    Realistically the updates should be free and on a timely basis. We shouldn't have to pay for them. That's just cheesy and an insult to their customers. As for using phone maps,that's not why people buy these units. The indash is supposed to be able to do this accurately. When said accuracy is iffy at the initial point of purchase,is the manufacturer not committing an act tantamount to fraud by not allowing for at least one free update with the option to buy lifetime options later? Why do they not state the maps are only accurate to the best of their knowledge at the date of purchase? Too many things make the GPS function of this indash questionable at best and therefore the categorizing of this thing as navigation/radio,etc unit in question.
  10. Update Maps on Z140BH?

    I would think that BlueTooth and backup camera updates should come directly from Pioneer for free,not from Navteq on a paid basis ... if I read this right.
  11. 2013 models?

    They probably don't want to kill off sales of the stuff already in the pipline.
  12. which one?

    Sounds like you've answered your own question. Get the 8400 and a Garmin GPS.

    Sounds like a problem I've see in Windows more than once.
  14. Map upgrade/feature update 2012 removes address/poi voice search

    I've talked to them directly on the phone and although they may not have the best attitudes,ultimately money still talks. Let's see if that holds true.
  15. Map upgrade/feature update 2012 removes address/poi voice search

    They may not,but if enough people complain and they feel it willl hurt sales................