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  1. 8200nex

    Totally dude because a bunch of people that have lives and don't get paid to serve you should be waiting for you always. LOL!
  2. iOS 11.2.5 breaks CarPlay on NEX4000

    I'm running beta of iOS 11.3 on iPhone 7. CarPlay with the 8200NEX is totally hosed. It's beta, but it's really bad...in regards to CarPlay. Pioneer firmware 1.07.
  3. Backup of internal SD for NEX 8200

    May I ask what use this backup is? Sorry to be a nOOb, but I've not really understood the reason for this...
  4. iOS 11 Breaks Carplay

    8200 NEX working fine with iOS 11. Firmware 1.07. iPhone 7. Sometimes non-MFI cables will fail, sometimes it just happens. That's why I always have a few new ones on hand.
  5. 8201 not displaying song titles on cd playback

    Haven't hit it yet. Wife has been using the FJ for a music video, so I'm going to do it today or tomorrow. Will report back once done. FWIW, it's working great with iOS 11 betas. On beta 8 today and no issues yet...
  6. Upgrade to NEX from X940BT?

    I did - the exact radio. In my Toyo FJ Cruiser, I had that for four years. Got the 8200NEX for my Bday in March and it's night and day - literally. I loved the X940BT at first, but grew to hate it. The screen looked nice, worked horribly. Touch it? Maybe it would do something. The 820x is a dream. Perfect? No. But lightyears ahead. No-brainer.
  7. 8201 not displaying song titles on cd playback

    Yep.it should sure as hell work, I agree. I've also had a love/hate relationship with Pioneer and it's top HU's. This is the reason why - their software dev's are either lazy, don't care, clueless, or out of touch (maybe all of the above). Oh well, will update the firmware today and see what happens...
  8. 8201 not displaying song titles on cd playback

    Do? Write them to complain, but good lord, I can't imaging that they're not aware by now. That said, no new firmware since Feb, so they seem overdue. *edit: just checked again, new firmware - 1.07. https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/NEX/AVIC-8200NEX#downloads Sadly, no mention of this in "fixes": This firmware update (version 1.07) contains the following improvements. - Reduces noise that is emitted when using iPod sources - Add QWERTY keyboard in AppRadio Mode - Corrects a message that is improperly displayed when the system is turned off - Corrects an error that may occur when using SiriusXM Artist Alert feature
  9. 8201 not displaying song titles on cd playback

    I see the same thing, FWIW. Current firmware too.
  10. 8200NEX Spotify?

    There are a number of cases where on my iPhone using BlueTooth or USB1, I don't get album art. Then, it may start showing, depending on the source/app. Bugs me too, but I've decided not to worry about it as I don't have the time. I keep hoping to see new firmware that might do the trick, but nothing yet has made this 100 reliable.
  11. NAVIGATION on 8200NEX with iPhone 6, iOS 10

    Yeah, iPhone 6s and iOS 10.3.x and it's pretty useless. Pioneer's iOS software is and has always been the pits. Sadly.
  12. ^^ That makes it wrong wiring...
  13. AVICSYNC / 8200

    I've had it work every now and then. Pioneer REALLY needs to hire some good software engineers. Every HU I've owned from them has been a PITA. Seriously, how hard can that be? It's like VooDoo making things work on these HU's.
  14. 8200NEX Spotify?

    BY wireless, what do you mean? I can use CarPlay fine and also I can just use Bluetooth and then load Spotify. That technically is wireless, so maybe try that...both work great.
  15. Firmware update headache

    I did as well. Had to get a low-life cheap 16GB SD card. Formatted to FAT32 on the Mac and it worked great for both the unit firmware and the Bluetooth. I also tried using a USB flash on USB 1, both worked...