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  1. which one?

    well my z2 needs to be sent in for repairs. average cost is 230$, really debating to just buy a new unit either the 8400bh or avic-140bh. I really like the 8400 much better, the 140 screen shots look really plain. the 8400 has a much nicer appeal. the only differences that Im seeing is the Nav. Hd .(Nav I can always add on) what would you do, and why. all input is appreciated thx!!
  2. hello, its been a while since I've been on here , but I had to remove my Z2 to fix the screen issue of it not closing properly so I dis assembled the unit to fix the plastic piece that opens an closes it. i got that fixed now that I reinstalled it I have NO sound the only sound that I do have is coming out of my iphone music library which I use 1 of the A/v inputs. does anyone have any suggestions,? no volume beeping, no radio. no bluetooth
  3. Help a bro out!!

    well I was on the road for 3hours today, I had no problems viewing movies, maybe my deck doesn't need the upgrade. grcplaya
  4. Help a bro out!!

    MS, tried that same deal, when I pop the disc all it says cdrom inserted. well I'm done for the night, even tho I can still drive around an able to watch movies. I will leave at that, unless something finally decides to not to work.
  5. Help a bro out!!

    well i tried it again, and still nothing, I've must of ripped the cd 4X am i ripping it wrong or what, tonight I will drive it for little longer see if I get locked out.. GRc
  6. Help a bro out!!

    ok cool, I burned the CD again just to make sure the other one was faulty. the first copy I did when I loaded it up all it said was a Cd rom was inserted. I notice the only way to burn the download is on data. is this correct? I will try it again a couple hours. thanks.
  7. Help a bro out!!

  8. Help a bro out!!

    DOH!! had the cable backwards on the ipod module. its working now but still need info on the bypass, anyone.
  9. Help a bro out!!

    Ok, got my april z2(today) downloaded the hack ware, for some reason it would not download to the Z, I check the disc put it back in my computer says bypass on disc, so now I'm like WTF, so I go ahead and do the bypass anyways, grounded the wires took around the block for like 5min. its working, NOw I'm WTF, shouldn't it of not let me watch movies? it does say version 2 on the hardware of the z2 also does the Ipod module support my iphone. it does bring up my playlist but I get no sound. Help a bro out!!!!!!!!!! Grcplaya oyea the reason Ihave a z2 cuz some fuc stole my wifes z1 so I took mine out put in car so the kids would have the home theater again.
  10. 04 Silverado install with pics

    where is exactly is that plug for the Illumination?
  11. The use of the HD in the Z1

    is it possible to delete songs of the harddrive?
  12. distorted pic on backup camera

    well I went an took out the Z1 to see if all the connections were secure buu then I noticed the neg. connector for the camera Rca input was not pushed in all the way on the harness so I took care off that and presto we have a better pic NOw :D remember check the All connections before you put all back in!! make sure they are in place thanks guys grcplaya
  13. distorted pic on backup camera

    anybody got a solutions for this, it works and everything but the pic is very distorted. I used a kenwood camera cuz of the way it mounts. need help. grcplaya
  14. Bluetooth Phone Compatibility List - ND-BT1 - Avic-Z1

    [quote]The feedback problem is mostly happening to Motorola Phones and some others, but this firmware will supposedly fix the problem with the bad feedback.... Well I have the motorola I870 with a Parrot mic and mine works without any echo grcplaya