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APPRADIO 4 (SPH-DA-120) and iOS 11 Incompatibility

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Hi Folks;

Does anyone have information on when Pioneer plans to release a firmware update to fix an incompatibility issues between iOS 11 and APPRADIO.

This is a know issue for Pioneer. See attached notice from Pioneer.

I have an SPH-DA-120 (APPRADIO 4) and CarPlay does not work at all since I upgraded my iOS release 11 - last September, 2017.

What I have is an expensive radio :( and I am seriously disappointed.

If Pioneer is going to sell CarPlay units one would think that their software would be in lock-step with Apple updates.

If this issue has been dealt with in another post I am sorry for that.

Any help on this issue would be much appreciated.


IOS 11 Appradio.pdf

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