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  1. Hi Folks; Does anyone have information on when Pioneer plans to release a firmware update to fix an incompatibility issues between iOS 11 and APPRADIO. This is a know issue for Pioneer. See attached notice from Pioneer. I have an SPH-DA-120 (APPRADIO 4) and CarPlay does not work at all since I upgraded my iOS release 11 - last September, 2017. What I have is an expensive radio and I am seriously disappointed. If Pioneer is going to sell CarPlay units one would think that their software would be in lock-step with Apple updates. If this issue has been dealt with in another post I am sorry for that. Any help on this issue would be much appreciated. Paul IOS 11 Appradio.pdf
  2. I have a Z150BH deck but I live in Canada where HD Radio is not available. The Z150BH is supposed to be able to display RDS data. However I don't see any song or radio station tags on my unit. I know for sure that RDS is broadcast locally as I can get the tags in my other vehicle. Is there a way to turn RDS on or off on the Z150BH? Does any know why I don't see the RDS data? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Anybody wanna buy a used Z150BH? lol
  4. Upcoming Apple CarPlay support!

    CarPlay is coming to NEX systems as per the announcement here http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/personal/2014/04/15/carplay-pioneer-aftermarket-media-systems/7737561/ No mention of the AVIC-Z150BH. I have the Z150BH models and will be very disappointed if CarPlay is not supported.
  5. That kinds sucks since I just recently installed an AVIC-Z150BH. I wonder if they will support Car Play on that model also?
  6. Just to follow up, I installed the Apple Lightning to USB cable today and it has resolved all the issues I had with AppRadio. I previously tried two different third party lightning to USB cables and had all kinds of issues with AppRadio. Also, I updated to iOS 7 today and so far it seems to behave well with the Z150. Finally, I used the "ByPass" method previously described on this forum and it works like a charm. Thanks AVIC411
  7. I plan to install the Apple Lighting to USB cable next Wednesday. I will let you know if that fixes things. Thanks for your feedback folks.
  8. Just installed AVIC Z150BH with Metra Unit (99-3010S) in my 2011 Camaro. I have my iPhone 5 hooked up using the Pioneer cables (CD-IH202) and the Apple® Lightning Digital AV Adapter and Third Party Lightning to USB Cable. My issue is this - the AppRadio mode is extremely canterkerous. Sometimes it works well, sometimes the screen is blank, sometimes I only get a mirror of what's on my iPhone screen, sometimes I only get part of the screen populated with data, etc, etc. The Z150BH firmware is 1.04. I was wondering if the Third Party Lightning to USB Cable might be the culprit? Maybe I should have bought the Apple one? Anyone else having any similar issues with AppRadio mode on the Z150? Thanks