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Help for dummy trying to install new OS on head unit

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I bought a Pioneer AVH-X3600BHS a few years ago with the hopes of the AppRadio function being awesome.  I bought the necessary add-ons, but it has never worked.  I've scoured the internet and found this link on this site: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81468-the-avic-development-mod/ .  I am admittedly completely ignorant to how the process works.  Will following the steps replace my OS and GUI?  Will the radio function, DVD player, and backup camera still work?  Will I need different hardware to attach my Samsung Galaxy S8?  I'm completely lost.

I've scoured YouTube for a walkthrough of this, but have struck out.  I'm typically someone people ask for tech advice, but this is way over my head without help from people with better understanding on this stuff.  This site appears to be full of such people.  Please help. 


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I'm in the same boat man, I'm pretty tech savy and I'm comfortable getting my hands dirty, but the instructions that we see in the AVIC development mod thread throws me off for some reason. I thought rooting my PS3 and Android devices were tough but this makes me scratch my head. 

I just want to run Android OS on my AVIC-8100NEX, if anyone can help us out, I would greatly appreciate it.

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