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USB disconnects after a few minutes

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Hi everyone, I’ve been on here a while but not posted much and need help.

Iv just bought another f900bt 

When I’m playing music from my usb memory stick, after about a minute or 2, it stops working and the stereo turns its self off, then I remove the usb and the stereo turns back on and starts playing again for another couple of minutes then it happens again.


Does anyone know a reason why it could be doing this please? And a way to stop it from doing it? 


Thanks in advance 


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Check the manual to be sure, but there are limits on the MB size of the memory stick and also there is a limit on the number of songs/folders in the root of the drive.  There may not to be a limit on songs in sub-directories, but you should adjust the folders/files to reflect the root song/folder limit.

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