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EU Maps update problem

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Moving this post to a more active section if anyone can offer some advice please

Looking for some advice here after I followed instructions to update my 920BT unit. Performed the Shortfuse hack and this was successful. Loaded Cardinfo.cif file from RonS which should work for 920BT together with Firmware and Update files using new SD card. Update took 30 min and was successful I thought but then after it restarted I was asked for language option? English was the only EU language greyed out so could not actually select that. I did not select anything and pressed OK to move on. The unit then gave me foreign language..... maybe German or Dutch. Anyone who has done the EU update advise me please what I did wrong and how do I reverse the language option back to English. Can I undo the update and have another go?

Thanks so much


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Did you do as II suggested in the other thread? Disconnect the battery for 30 seconds. Get the manual and find the section on Factory Reset. The power recycle resets some things but I don't think it allows you to reset the text language. There is table in the manual that defines 3 methods to reset the unit and what settings get cleared with each method. IIRC, you want to try method 2.

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