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In search of 4500nex img or some guidance

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Good evening,

I've recently learned about the Pioneer SD card issue. With the idea of being proactive, I'm looking to see if the unlocked software image of the 4500nex is available online? Otherwise, I'd like some guidance as to where I can find a "how to" on making an unlocked backup of the image for me to save on my google drive for future use and share here. That being said, I haven't seen any posts speaking of this error on the 4500nex. Is it possible they fixed the sd card issue?

Thank you!

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2 minutes ago, bonee said:

 its behind monitor and behind the plastic bezel. should be on the right side. SD card is blue

I took an other look and completely disassembled the screen and took a few pictures. I'm thinking you might be talking about the 4400nex? As the one fits your description as seen in the second picture.

disassembled 4500nex.jpg


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1st pic  Pioneer  DMH-W4660NEX
2nd pic Pioneer SPH-DA120


you are wrong with the model of your radio
your model is DMH-W4660NEX
there is no SD card in it.



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