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What size mounting screws For z140bt?

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Man, I somehow lost the screws for my headunit when i removed it years ago. 

Now I'm trying to reuse the headunit in a another car I picked up but misplaced the screws. 

I stole some out of a jvc headunit but they don't fit. 


Anyone know what size screws I should be looking for? 



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1 hour ago, amp3d said:

Thanks man. 

Wow, you still around these forums! You've been here a long time! 

Yes, same headunit (Z110-BT) and same car (2010 Porsche 987C) that caused me to join. The car is now just for joy-rides so I don't care much whether the maps get updated. Last update for these units was 2017.

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Very cool! 


BTW, this Deck is not a m5... I just drove to another city to buy m5x8mm and they are certainly too large! Won't fit in the holes! 


I also have some m4 laying around and they are too small!


I don't know what's going on here but I guess fkr now the headunit sits on the floor! Crazy! 

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