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  1. Hi Ryar I was already trying myself and figured it out before you could react, but because its not really clear if you must remover those line on de SD/USB or my flash disk I was confused. but as of now everything except the primo run folder can be removed from my flash disk. In the meantime I also stumbled upon the trouble with the BT and TMC and combined all the files, so far so good I think.. The maps I have running now too, I tried before but could be I had them in the wrong map or maybe it was the license. Uhm today when I started it was doing the initializing again, twice..
  2. Hi Ryar, first I want to thank you for giving your time and effort in to these pioneers. I just used it on my F910BT EU and it works and looks much better. Now I do have something I do not understand and that is this: You say maps and primo can run from the usb or sd. is it that you take the maps from the my flash and put the primo and primo3 on root and inside them you copy the maps and all is done? and I guess they cannot share the maps on sd or usb? And also the comment out the lines, do you have to do that once you transfer them to usb or sd and if yes can you show me
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