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  1. It's the 1.02 - I have never seen a 1.01 OE image posted here. I'll rename it in that link for absolute clarity. If I ever spot it I'll put the 1.01 there too.
  2. Quick Ford Excursion PSD 7.3 bg-Ford-Excursion.psd
  3. I had the exact same issue recently, and used this same image written to a 32gb MicroSD in an adapter with no issues. I was able to manipulate the front bezel after removing just two screws (and not the mechanical slide on the bottom) to eject the OE SD card and tightly insert the replacement, done in 5minutes. Just in case that link goes down, here are the known AVH/SPH images as a backup: http://sixgov.com/filestorage/forums/avic411/
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