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  1. Thanks RonS, as always with your valuable input. Reg the amp for antenna, we used the "Euro Antenna Adapter OEM F to Motorola M". Are you referring to the same or an add-on? Please clarify. Reg VSS - Is there a place, I can find this wiring diagram for 2006 ML350? Where/How did you find yours? Mic - we installed it at the factory location at the overhead lighting area. Thanks!
  2. Hi RonS and everyone, I got my Z140BH installed on 2006 ML350 this weekend with few glitches/open issues. The Installer was organized, very neat in wiring and worked extensively to complete it at midnight. Here are few glitches / open issues, where I need your help with... 1. 'Traffic Alert' icon from the Navigation shortcut is not enabled. (a) NO Traffic Data and NO TMC Providers available error on Settings screen Question: Is there any specific connection which might have missed here? 2. Receiver hearing the ECHO of their words, even when ECHO is turned off from the Blue
  3. Hi, Any new and creative Mercedes splash for Z140BH. I would appreciate it. Thanks
  4. Thanks again RonS! I appreciate it. I will let you know, how it goes by next week. DR
  5. Thank you so much RonS! This was exactly I was looking for. I really appreciate it. Question on 7 - Clarify the Abbreviations like VSS, PB, DRL? If I have other questions, may I contact email you directly. Of course, if you can share/PM your email address. Thanks again! DR
  6. Thanks RonS! Have you come across any issues/hiccups from Z140BH installation, which you might have got resolved eventually? If there any, please advise, so that I can keep in my list for testing, since my installer is 3 hours away from my place.
  7. Sorry, I wasn't sure to post under General or Hack. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Hello, I just got my new Z140BH and scheduled to be installed later this week, on my 2006 ML350, along with JBL MS-8. I would like to check with you ALL, to get prepared with the:- 1. Checklist of most common/popular Hacks/Mods for Z140BH 2. Checklist for testing the installation (especially the Installer is couple of hours away from my home!!!) 3. Can anyone recommend the good Installer in North Jersey, from your experience? I would highly appreciate your input and sharing your expertise. Thank you all in advance. Thanks, D
  9. Hi MisFit, can you PM me with your contact info? I would like get my Z140BH installed. Thanks!

  10. Hi, me too.. I also need MisFit contact information, please PM me? I need to get my Z140BH installed. I would appreciate it. Thanks, D
  11. Pardesi

    NJ Installer

    Hi, would you mind sharing that shop info, to get my Z140BH installed? Please advise. Thanks, D
  12. Hi, I would like to get my Z140BH installed. Could you please share you friend's info? Thanks, D
  13. Hi, would you mind sharing his info? I would like to get my Z140BH installed this week. I would appreciate it. Thanks, D
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