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  1. any good fix for primo2 gps searching for sats? it works fine if I stop the vehicle and reboot they system
  2. Ryar I think I got mine working good with 2013 maps...however in primo the time is off...time is correct in radio and default maps. I can't find setting for it ..I also see no difference between primo or primo2
  3. sd formated to fat32, drop the testmode folder on the root of the SD . Put SD in your unit, restart it and it should boot up into testmode
  4. the hybrid 4.0 files have a date of oct 09 I flashed it and put avicnet on it. everything seems fine. I finally found some maps. the maps say primo2 can i just dump the content folder in Igo content?
  5. I tried this, as soon as i start the format sd, it says reading 100% for several minutes, appears to be frozen
  6. I pretty much kept from D.C. to texas, up to kansas, indiana , Illinois ,I dont see myself every going to the west coast, Northeast, N,dakota,Nebraska. I will see if that works. I noticed a hybrid 4.0 firmware , will AVICNET work this? wouldnt you know it when I am ready to start this project gpsunderground is down. btw I installed the wince6.0 upgrade you guys have posted from this thread..when I run test mode it still says its wince 5
  7. Since I haven't gotten new maps yet, I decided to try to load avicnet with just my original maps(50 states only). It is too big , I believe for my f900bt. My flash Disk(avicnet version) is now around 2gig. when I try to copy it to the unit in total commander it will copy for about 40 mins and I get access denied. I assume because the unit's capacity is full. Is there things I can remove, obviously I can remove the games but I doubt that would matter much. Remove the primo directories and put them on sd, again don't think that would matter much
  8. any tips on maps? on the first page I see you can copy the original and primo2 will read it however mine are 2009. are all igo maps compatible with this? I found a 2014 NA download it is 1.3gig, I would assume I would have to have them on the SD , where would I put them?
  9. yeah I noticed that once I seen the specs...i thought someone had hacked it, was hoping it was a software limitation, not hardware. geez the mustve saved 50cents by not having it. that is one main gripe my wife has with it, she likes to know what song is playing.
  10. is there a way to get song info to display when on fm?
  11. is it the one that says wired remote?
  12. yes, I know they are not double din, I had to clear out some of the dash, and modify the bezel. But I still need a kit that I can use to mold into to the bezel. I did take a shot in the dark and ordered a metra kit. I am hoping it is the right size. I played a dvd in this recently I noticed the sound is very low, at least compared to a cd or radio, you have to turn it up to about 40 to start to hear it.
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