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  1. ..and right on cue, he shows up and uses the sandbox as a litter box.
  2. didn't m5jimmy get banned for coming at vblue42 like he was some kind of gangsta before?
  3. Hey jimmy. Didn't we tell you before you got banned that just because you've dreamed something up that the Fx00 can't do, that it's not just us lying to you when we say it can't be done?
  4. You screwed up, don't get mad. Do the install again, and follow the directions correctly this time.
  5. Go to the FX 3.1 thread and download that.
  6. You need to read the F-series boards a little closer.
  7. Look for the post with FX 3.1in the subject.
  8. That was #2. Turn off the backup camera in the settings. It was also part of #3.
  9. The OP noted the server was going away on 7/5. That's a month ago. If someone else hasn't responded and offered to give it to you, or the OP hasn't mentioned changing his mind, it's probably not happening. I don't think responding daily is going to fix it, either, if that's your plan.
  10. Go back to the place that installed it and you bought it from and ask them to troubleshoot it. Magically, actually looking at the unit and sitting in your car is slightly easier than fixing-via-internets.
  11. 1. Zoom in below 500ft to see street labels 2. Go into settings and turn off the back up camera 3. Search next time, both these questions have been answered approx 5.2million times here.
  12. Really? You really asked that? I really wish that the POST RIGHT ABOVE YOURS HAD A LINK TO IT.
  13. but are the unicorns there? Technically, the OP should be reading the sticky that's like, 7 posts above this one as well. viewtopic.php?f=32&t=26656
  14. I'm betting he's going to use sunshine, rainbows and a care bear stare..
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