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AVICnet 2.1 for AVIC F series, working OBDII! Updated 2014/04/30

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Thanks Ryar for your help. Just came back from a holiday trip and will try to update tomorrow. Moreover found out that you have to copy apps you want to start into a your storage device/apl#/appname folder or it won't find the apps. Did so and running Igo from the sd card.

# is determined by the path on the flash disk.

appname by the name of the folder on the flash disk.

For my unit (f900bt euro) Primo had to be in the folder storage card/apl2/primo3. 

I used german language from the italian avocet, works fine, but not everything is translated. I use current maps can be found on the links given on the second page of the thread.

Furthermore I am looking for a compatible bt dongle. Any suggestions?

Also bought a elm327 bt module. (read all posts first order later, is something I would recommend :) ) but i m not sure if it turns off so i will probably order the usb version also, cuz it's less than 20 € on amazon.

Next thing is to connect an active usb 2.0 hub so i can connect more than a storage device at once. Also got an huawei e220 here which will be the next to be connected if the usb hub is working.

So far

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Ryar big thx for your great job, but I would like to report some problems with new update.

First is TMC and it is not new problem, changes in ini file with ports number for msdn and tmc funcions doesn't solve it. Stock iGo is still not receiving TMC messages (in Poland) Still frequency scans but nothing is found. In Primo TMC is working only if ezrider process is killed before runnig primo. Maybe it is possible to divide the port with TMC as in the case of GPS? You do not need to kill ezrider.

Second problem is internet and modem menager. I use huawei e1550 modem, i setup everything and it is conneted. When i try to open opera mini, i have info to check network settings, so I use modem menager to check my APN, but My settings are not saved. As I wrote the modem is conneted, i don't know what is wrong.

If some of you could help I'll be very grateful :-)

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man...so looks like none of the proxy sites are allowing access to multiupload from the USA...


Ryar, you think you can put this on a USA friendly site? 


heck put it up on drop box...i can gie you access to my drop box which has 50Gb.....please let me know...


i am on the older version that somone posted on page 2, but have been having issues. no gps grabs a lock even though 10 satilites are shown. also the settings menus are not avail until i go into primo 2 (the fartehst to the right on the navi menu) then the Avic symbol has the reset text.


also no bluetooth, & no regular system menu...


& been having constant reboots...


I want to get a stable copy, that way i can add my changes for hobdrive & WolfNCU (i got that working now :)

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Sorry but also in europe are the multiupload links down. I only get a client to download.....iLivid download manager, but after then nothing more.


Please help me to get the right link so that I can try this on my F910BT to install because I am getting really sick of the Igo default navigation.



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It looks like multiupload is down, I will re-up on mega.  Just one small change, with the "map button launches primo" option a long press on menu will take you to hobdrive from the AV screen where as it would not before.


Edit:  Upload failed after several attempts in mega.  Someone want to suggest another upload site?


Edit 2:  NVM, re-upped on mega.  Link in post #2

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