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AVICnet 2.1 for AVIC F series, working OBDII! Updated 2014/04/30

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Hello, today I put on my last date of assembly ''avicnet 2.1 ryar_avicnet_14_08_14'' I'm really pleased, fast work, I did test igo primo but includes no problem. But I want to ask just in my device have a problem with inactive system setings menu of Settings-? settings where I can tune the lights of buttons and wallpaper not active and gray. as well as navigation Settings are not active. How can I fix this? My other question is how can I delete Navigation not use in avicnet menu? Or to add another Navigation ? I want to use Garmin mobile xt and igo primo only, others to be removed.

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Hi All,


Thanx for all the hard work thats gone into making this Mod work.

I installed it today on F900BT, and after a bit of fettling, got it to work (inc TMC but only in stock igo not primo3 : ( )


What I would like to be able to do, and I appreciate that this is a bit of a backward step, is to remove the F22 Raptor (in stock igo), and have the basic arrow back.

How easy is this to do? Instructions ?


I've done a search, but could not find anything immediately obvious.


Any help / direction on this would be fab!



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Does anyone still have access to this file?




I'm running AVICnet 2.1 for AVIC F series but trying to integrate it with Chuck88's Mod v3.4b with Pioneer FW 4.0 and Primo 2.0 because my Reverse Camera works with Chuck88's mod but not with Avic.net. 2.1. I came close last night but got an error about an abb1 scheme missing (i think it was a scheme file) but i don't have access to my avic all day so having the WinCE 5.0 Emulator with Chuck88's iGO Nav Mod would be nice. 


P.S. Chuck88 if your still around I read on the Avic.net forum where you mentioned that you had successfully completed this. Any chance you could upload the complete Flash Disk

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Guys Ive got problem. I installed avicnet from this thread but the problem is that my f700bt is not wakeing up. After the first blue screen(I think should be pioneer logo) when Im turning on I have black screen. Before this I installed acivnet from italian thread that worked but also had problem with maps... I dont know how to solve this problem.


Help please :(

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