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avic-z1 w/2 channel amp

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ok fellas, i need some help here with this. Ive attempted to install my 2 channel amp to my two front components but arent getting any sound. i connected the rca cables to the z1's front output and thats going into my amps input, ran speaker cables to the components. NOTHING. something im missing?? ive tried to install it twice now and i cant get any sound.

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everything is hooked up properly. the light on the amp turns on. im 100% sure theres power. just cant for the life of me figure out why theres no sound. it should be so simple, rca output of stereo to rca input of amp, run speaker wires to components and your done. i have a subwoofer connected so i dont think the outputs are malfunctioning.

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Make sure that you are indeed getting +12volts at the remote lead on the amp and at the battery lead on the amp. Double check your ground. It should be tight and to a PAINTFREE point of METAL on the vehicle. Seat and seatbelt bolts tend to make for lousy grounds.



EDIT: Pictures of the install would be helpful if possible.

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