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Best way to connect speakerwire

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idk if any of the regular installers here are familiar with the 99+ mercury cougars, but with they way they provide electronics to the door you cant (very easily at all) just run speaker wire into the doors...


so, i ran speaker wire from my amp and have it (dare i say) wire-nutted to the metra harness which then continues on through the stock wiring


now... if any of you can tell me a better way todo this

a) connect the wires to the metra harness


B) run after market wire into the doors to bypass the stock wiring altogether


i would be really appreciative



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wire nuts :wink:


;) is there a better way? i mean, i cant forsee soldering those connections... but in all honesty, my 4 speakers are running half mode... i ran out of wire when i amp'd them so unfortunately the fronts are tied together and the rears are tied together (thats 2 pairs for 4 speakers)


so im getting a spool of shielded monster cable to run (b/c radio shack stuff sucks balls) and i really wanted to know the proper way to connect the wiring


@cntrl: i think im pushing 100-125 or maybe 150... im not sure... u saw the amp im using when i PM'd you so i dont think im breaking that barrier...




and again, i know... the wire-nuts made me laugh too, but at the time it was a brilliant idea ;)

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ok... have u ever done an install on a cougar where u had to run wiring into the doors?


id be interested to know how you did


the way the electronics are provided to the door is kinda wierd... they have a multi-pin barrel connector on either end with no open way to pass cables, at least i saw


ideally id like to run all new wiring so I could upgrade the amp at a later date and be sound as a pound

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