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  1. Alternative for AGU fuse holder?

    I have a Q Power AGU fuse holder (100A fuse) and its seen its days... It's all cracked and falling apart. Does anyone have any ANL recommendations or are they all about the same? Thanks =)
  2. Anyone seeding the new CNDV-110MT map disks for 2012?

    My three year old just trashed my original east coast disc... Anyone still spreading the love for the USA east coast discs?
  3. Every so often my nav will just go blank... Screen goes off, LED's go off, music stops... Then it just comes back... The first time it did this, I also lost my custom background... It doesn't do a full reboot, it just takes a 5-6 second nap then comes back to life... Any thoughts?
  4. I've been getting an ever increasing number of 80 errors on my bluetooth... Issues with both Android and Apple... Any thoughts?
  5. D3 Navigation - Direction problem

    Do you have the speed pulse wire hooked up? This happens all the time on my Sonata... I have my speed sense wire just pushed into my odb port and it falls out sometimes... Really need to soldier that thing =)
  6. My biggest gripe thus far with my D3 is that lets say I've painstaking scrolled 3/4 through my albums to find the one I want... Now I i finish the album and hit "menu" on the screen it goes back to where I was (as expected)... but, if I turn my car off and then back on (say after a day of work) and I hit "menu" nothing happens... I have to yet again painstakingly scroll to where I want I don't really understand this as the Ipod itself always knows where it is Anyone else experiencing this or have a fix?
  7. Palm Pre compatibility?

    Just an update... The pre IS compatible for at least making calls... I haven't tried pushing the phone book yet but it's good news for those Palm folks like me that hung on for dear life to their 700p (pre MR patch) and wanted to upgrade
  8. Palm Pre compatibility?

  9. Palm Pre compatibility?

    I am debating upgrading my 700p to the Pre and wanted to know if anyone has successfully hooked a Pre into the BTB-200
  10. Currently a D3 owner looking for info

    OK... So I'm toying with the idea of updating my D3 to the 900bt or the 90bt... I'm on pioneers site and the only difference I can find in the models is the preout voltage and the warranty Besides that... what are your thoughts? I really use my D3 for the ipod features (did they get any better in the F series?) and the bluetooth for my cellphone (I have a Treo 700p pre MR that still works with the BTB-200, did the F series BT get any better?) although I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a Palm PRE when it comes out so it shouldnt be an issue Thanks to all for any info you can provide
  11. CD-BTB200 Bluetooth and Smartphones

    sounds to me like you have something setup wrong in the first place... i couldnt get my plugs to hook up incorrectly as youve stated and had ZERO issues pairing a MR 1.08 Palm Treo 700p to my avic d3... sound is perfect and im able to push my phonebook as far as i know the MR1.10 has a different bluetooth stack which the newer models use... i havent found a single newer palm treo that would pair with my avic d3
  12. Explain GPS connection status please

    my "cellphone tower" is constantly between no bars and 2 bars but i always have at least half the satellites colored in i have the receiver in the dash under the windshield
  13. Explain GPS connection status please

    What does it all mean? We have something similar to a cellphone tower like display and we also have multiple satellite icons that can be 3 different colors how does it all tie together and what do the colors mean? thanks
  14. Tip for iPod users!

    one thing i tried last night that i def dont like is making 27 smart playlists that grab artists by "starts with" and then a-z for the 26 and 0-9 for the 27th sounds good but when you browse.. you get songs not artists.. this is crappy disappointing b/c it would be the obvious best solution I do like the genre suggestion but i have about 10 different genres of music and well that just wont do
  15. Forum Icons

    IS there a chance the board admin can change the icons for "sticky" "new post" "hot topic" etc ??? the all look pretty much the same... small, orange, rectangles... makes working through posts alot harder than it really should be esp since there isnt a legend to explain these small orange rectangles like other boards do ill offer to dig up new icons that will fit the overall theme if that makes the change a little more desirable just food for thought