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  1. Z140BH XM Presets

    Unfortunatly 2005 Mustangs have no steering wheel controls.
  2. Z140BH XM Presets

    Is there anyway to switch between the XM channels that I have put into memory presets using the hardware "track buttons?" It seems they just move up and down one channel above or below the current channel. On the Z1 there were two sets of buttons, track and playlist that one set would move one channel at a time and the other would move between the memory presets. The manual says you can use the "track" buttons to change between HD radio presets but is silent on this on XM...
  3. Z1, 2 and 3 question. Also, picture request

    Are you sure about that? I had the Z1 from early 2006 until last week and never recall seeing that, pretty sure I had to scroll through the different routes...

    I have one I just took out this week when I replaced my Z1....
  5. AM tuner doesn't work at all...help?

    AM will suck with that short of an antenna....no getting around that.....

    Can you be a bit more specific as to what your trying to do?
  7. AVIC Z2 Traffic Navi Question

    You can just get the Navtraffic, its $9.99 a month I believe, if you have XM audio its only like $4.99 a month in addition. You can buy XM audio only boxes, but not Navtraffic only Boxes, so if you want the traffic you have to buy the combo box...
  8. Its better than nothing, sometimes its behind, but sometimes its up to date...you can check the coverage here... http://www.xmradio.com/navtraffic/market_coverage.xmc
  9. Garret 2mey's Z3 Drives...ARE AWESOME

    I will add to the praise, I got mine installed on Saturday (Talk about fast shipping, I ordered it on Tuesday or Wed of last week and it was here on Friday!) Works like a charm! PS - He isn't lying when he says the screws are tight in the HDD! I got two out w/o any issue but the other two heads stripped out...I had to take a Dremel tool and cut a slot across them so I could use a flat blade screwdriver to remove them....anybody know if you can get the srews anywhere, I put them back in but would like to have some new ones anyway....
  10. Hello from London, new avic owner with a question

    No such thing as a password....at least on the US verison...
  11. VSS and more for '03 Town Car ?

    I had the Z1 in an 03 Vic (Pretty much the same car) and the grey/black wire at the radio worked for it....
  12. HDTV Tuner for AVIC-Z1, Z2, Z3 here you go

    DTV (Whats coming in 2009) is NOT HDTV.....
  13. Custom Background Gallery

    Here is what I have as my splash screen on the Z1...
  14. How is iphone compatibility?

    Never tried it with the iPod adaptor, I just leave my iPod in the glove box...but it works well with the bluetooth, but you cant transfer phone numbers to the Z from it...
  15. Z2 in a Mustang 07

    I have the Z1 in my 05 GT, I dont have the aux input so not sure what would be involved in making that work.....why not just get the Ipod adaptor?