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  1. iPhone 3g + F90BT

    any updates on how well the 3G works with the new firmware?
  2. well i work at the biggest electronics retailer in canada - so getting the pioneer cable would be the way to go for me since its cost to me is considerably less then the apple cable. however, since it is not available, I am happy that an alternative is! I have no use for the extra charger since i already have extras...
  3. ok thanks skicrave... im an idiot the ipod composite av cable has red white yellow as well as usb. So it is essentially the same thing as the Pioneer one, has all the same functions of the pioneer cable! Sweet! Thanks
  4. okay so if I have this right I can just use the ipod cable that came with the iphone to plug into the deck for all my music needs? I would just by the pioneer one but nobody has them in stock where i live and I want to get it all set up tomorrow. Thanks for the help guys
  5. I am not worried about video - just sound. I want the album art to show up on the deck. Can I just use a standard ipod/iphone cable or do I need the propreitary pioneer cable? If I need the propreitary cable I am going to guess the one I got for my D3 won't work on this deck? thanks
  6. Hey ! Just curious what cables I will need to plug in my iphone or ipod to this new deck? Will the ipod cable I have from my avic d3 work with this unit? Thanks
  7. AVIC "F" Series Bypass

    Awesome that seems pretty simple. I'll do it and just ask my installers to leave it as is. Thanks for the help
  8. Iphone Integration

    can anyone confirm that saying a name does not work for dialing contacts with an iphone?
  9. AVIC "F" Series Bypass

    Thanks HiFiSi. Having just joined this forum today I have already noticed you are a great contributor to this community! Problem is I don't want to rip apart my dash, so doing it after is not really an option. I think if I do the bypass myself they won't have a problem with it since they didn't do it. But if I understand correctly they won't be hooking up a wire to the parking break like they are supposed to because instead I have grounded that wire? I am never soldered any wires or done any of this kind of stuff before, so what needs to be done for the bypass seems complicated to me even though it is probably simple.
  10. How is iphone compatibility?

    Just curious what works and what doesn't work when using an iphone both with the ipod cable and over bluetooth. Thanks, rob
  11. I work at Future Shop. We have them advertised in this weeks flyer. They are still on order from Pioneer, we have none in store or in our warehouse. Hopefully soon, no date has been set yet. Will let you know as soon as possible. I am pretty bummed too! However we will issue a small gift card once the deck comes in!
  12. AVIC "F" Series Bypass

    My installers are refusing to do this once I get my new f series deck... If I move the mute wire, will the grounding be done by my installers without them knowing that its to bypass the deck? Basically all I want to know is if I can do the mod on the deck before i take my car in for them to replace my D3 with the F series. Thanks