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  1. Map (day/night) not working.

    I can confirm this is working on mine.
  2. F90BT in 2007 MkV GTI

    I think on mine I'll just stay with the Pac for now. I probably wouldn't use the right side functions often since I prefer having the mpg display up. That and I don't know if I want to tear it all up again but if I had to do it over I'd probably look into the connect2 option. I may end up redoing mine at some point just to have all the functionality available.
  3. F90BT in 2007 MkV GTI

    That looks pretty sweet. So is this adapter a complete replacement for the PAC equipment? Do you wire from this to the head unit for speaker wires, power, switched, etc? The picture shows connectors and no bare wires so I am curious how you wire it to the F90 harness. I am pretty tempted to redo mine even though its only a month old to get the other controls!
  4. F90BT in 2007 MkV GTI

    You can program it for both sets of buttons but the right side buttons will change the MFD too. This is because the pac module sees the buttons but it doesn't show up to the car as an audio device being present. With the factory stereo you can switch the right side to audio then control the stereo. This disappears when you remove the factory stereo and the PAC module isn't able to put it back. So PAC sees all button presses on that side. I didn't bother programming mine because I use the mfd functions a lot and this would get really annoying. My understanding is that PAC is working on a newer module which hopefully will be available soon that will give us the proper functionality of the right side buttons still there. IMHO it is still worth it for the PAC modules to have the volume control button and mute button working. On mine I also made the tel button skip forward since I couldn't use it to answer the phone on my F90. At least I can skip to the next track.
  5. Starting a Deisel Truck

    What year is your truck? I don't have this issue in my 2008 F250 or in my 09 TDI Jetta.
  6. Couple of minutes. I think 2-3 but I'd say 5 or less to be safe. I wasn't paying too much attention because I was making a phone call at the time.
  7. I downloaded the bluetooth firmware that comes with the latest update from Pioneer's site. Its a zip file with 3 files in it. Place all 3 in the root dir of the sd card. Put the SD card into the unit (on or off at the time doesnt matter). Go to the phone settings and go to the firmware update and hit the button and it does its thing. There will be a msg on screen saying it is updating and to not power off until it finishes. After that I had to pair the phone again and I am up and running.
  8. Confirmed. Same issue here. Looks like the f90 lost its bluetooth software. It said unknown and no matter what I did it would not find any bluetooth device or be found by any. Just updated with the bluetooth firmware from the latest version and now its all working again. For now I have the files on the sd card so we'll see if it happens again. Really annoying since its been great until now! I wonder what caused this all of a sudden.
  9. I think just happened to my f90bt. Also using an iPhone. I am going to download the update and try to load the bluetooth firmware again. ANnoying!
  10. Editing data.zip files with a mac. How?

    A Mac running VMware Fusion gives you the best of both worlds so no issue there Did you have any luck?
  11. Editing data.zip files with a mac. How?

    I use VMware Fusion and have an XP machine set up under there. I just use winrar to explore the data.zip and edit whichever file needed. When I finish it saves to desktop and I just drag it to the right place in the archive. The trick is not to unzip the data.zip but to work with it as a .zip file.
  12. Jetta 2009 Center Console Removal

    the cabel for my xm module was much longer than that. I have installed 5 of these so far in our cars and a few friends and they have all come with the longer cable. I just ran it right to the back. Maybe the Sirius tuner comes with a shorter ipbus cable.
  13. Jetta 2009 Center Console Removal

    Cool. I have my sat radio module in the trunk wher ethe sirius module was so it can use the antenna connection. Backup camera I ran down the side. My ipod is currently running under the side of the console and comes out next to the pass seat so I can use it for my iPhone. If you end up running yours into the console I'd love to hear about it or see a pic. I may end up doing that at some point. I just finished putting the whole car back together as I installed the amp and ran all those wires yesterday.
  14. Jetta 2009 Center Console Removal

    I ran the wires in my 09 Jetta down the side. I'd remove the trip in the doors and run back that way. If you go through the center console you will have exposed wires between the console and the back seat. Its a lot easier if you have some panel tools. I used a set I got on amazon for $15. It can be done without as well. The panels are tight but they aren't too bad to open. Have you already taken the dash apart? If not I can try to dig up the instructions again.
  15. When I said it didn't work I meant it was not able to charge either.