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AVH-4400NEX Software Error

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My first posting...found you guys via Google, while trying to troubleshoot my AVH440..

My unit has been doing a few odd things...it’s 2 years old.  The first oddity is a tendency to change screens from what I left it last time...it begins playing, then there’s a period of several seconds where there’s no sound, then 80% of the time, it then plays (but the screen has changed)...the other 20% of the time, it will say that it can’t find my phone (iPhoneX, IOS 14.2)....

Sometimes, when it does this, I can go to “Bluetooth Audio”, and get it to play music, but Apple CarPlay isn’t connected....

I have gotten the “Software Error” message once, but that was several weeks ago..it’s not come back.

Is this a potential symptom of a failing SD card, or is there something else going on?

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I followed the instructions, got a 16GB SDRAM, formatted with FAT32, extracted firmware from the download, works great but I can't get any sound/audio out?  everything seems to be working, boots up, shows Firmware 1.02, connected to my phone, i can play Amazon Music, it shows progress on screen, but no sound out.  Any clues?



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thanks again, i just tried a second image, downloaded from How to fix for AVH-W4400NEX boot loop - NEX Series - AVIC411.com , I have an AVH-W4400NEX, and it did the same thing.  Also noticed that the HD radio is not showing any stations or ability to tune one, so i do think i may have an image issue.  I am using Balena Etcher to burn the image and it goes well.  puzzled, any suggestions?

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Hey all. Just wanted to let you know in case anyone else has the same issue as me. After replacing my crapped out internal sd card on my pioneer nex4400 with a new sd card using the disk image I found on here containing firmware 1.02, my Pixel 3xl would no longer work with android auto wireless. After some testing, I figured out that an older phone that was still on android 10 would work with 1.02 in wireless mode, but something about android 11 and firmware 1.02 don't play well together in this unit. So after a few months of desperately trying all kinds of troubleshooting, I finally settled on finding some way to downgrade my firmware on my nex4400 to 1.01 where it was working flawlessly with android 11. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task as you need to once again open up the unit and replace the internal card in order to downgrade. Fortunately, I had taken the easy way out when I took it apart the first time and just dremeled out a rectangular hole in the plastic covering the internal card so that all I have to do now to get at it is hit the screen eject rather than taking my whole dashboard apart. So the really challenging part was finding an internal disk image to use. Today I finally struck gold exchanging a few messages with one of those russian ebay sellers who sell the replacement internal cards. He told me that for the same price, he would send me the original factory image for that radio as well as update 1.01. So I paid 20 dollars for it, more than willingly for a chance at getting my AA wireless back. And it worked!! Loaded a new sd card with the internal firmware 1.0 and then did a firmware update to 1.01. Android auto wireless is back to working incredibly. Seconds after I start my truck my maps are on the screen! SO... if anybody is having that same weird issue and needs the original nex4400 firmware 1.0 file, I have it! Just let me know and I'll figure out how to post it so you can download it for free. I'm just so happy right now!

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https://mega.nz/ sign up for free cloud storage and you can upload file to the cloud and then create a link and post it here. like this 


now watch it doesnt work hahahahha I usually send link to individuals but should work fine. its been the easiest for me so far. I downloaded there desktop app for a couple months of extra storage and banwidth for free. You can do that for a few months if people actually downlolad from it I will prob get a paid acct.... PM me your email I will send you an invite and we will both get some extra perks.

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