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  1. Did you ever solve this? I have the exact same issue with my w4400nex and I'm certain I'm using its the right image for my radio.
  2. I also have an issue with my w4400nex. I followed the guide here and got a new SD card flashed and installed. It seems to work well (it boots), but once its booted it will not play music the radio tuner does not detect any stations. I can see that its playing music via bluetooth but hear no sound. I can hear menu clicks and google assistant works, but music will not play. Img file used: https://mega.nz/file/SdJCgKCJ#13zrFlogMCWNohCvuFsDFcC1uniHgufVZJxZlQPHUag Any suggestions?
  3. Just curious if I need a microbypass if I have 1.01 and SET ON? Will I get a message above 10 mph unless I install it? Can I actually just ground it and skip the bypass? Sorry for the questions, my last Avic just required me to swap wires and it took care of this.
  4. Thanks guys! Downloading now! (Torrent works! 2+mb/s)
  5. Is there a link to another site hosting this file? There are no seeds for the torrent!
  6. I just want to be clear how to use this I am running the latest IDT Mod with 3.01. I have all of the files listed and extracted locally. 1) Boot into CE and Backup all files 2) Rename all map files and copy to APL2\iGo\CONTENT\MAP 3) Rename all building files (*.3dl) and copy to APL2\iGo\CONTENT\BUILDING 4) Rename all POI files and copy to APL2\iGo\CONTENT\POI 5) Rename .dem file and copy to APL2\iGo\CONTENT\DEM 6) Copy the latest EZRider file to APL2\iGo http://rapidshare.de/files/48133221/ezrider.rar.html 7) Copy the generic license (GENERIC_iGO8_WorldWide@801Product) to
  7. I would love to see some work on this front! That is a MAJOR annoyance of mine...Well that and song info for FM Radio stations!
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