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Please help with now useless, freezing AVH-W4500NEX

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Hi All,

I had my 4500 installed in Oct 2019, and have been happy with it until the past week, when the screen started to freeze within 5-10 minutes and whatever music source was on, stopped. Restarting the unit or pressing the reset button didn't help. Letting the car sit overnight allowed it to function for another 5-10 minutes. Probably unrelated, but the only problem preceding this behavior was that a black box with an error message saying something like "calibration will begin, but may be inaccurate without a speed pulse". That has been occurring for several months, but I was able to get rid of the message by resetting 3D calibration distance each session.

I wrote to Pioneer through their website last week with no response. I was unable to find a customer support phone#.

Can you give me any guidance as to either 1)how to fix this  2)how to contact Pioneer or 3) how long their warrantee is?

Thanks in advance!


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The consulting biz has been insane in the past couple of months so I haven't been able to add more onto my AVH-W4500NEX thread but you basically have a few choices;

  • If in warranty (mine only had 1yr), get it replaced through Pioneer. When I called it was a 6-8wk process
  • If out of warranty, repair though Pioneer. I got quoted $250 and it was a 6-8wk process. I couldn't get them to sell me the SD card
  • Buy the replacement SD card through ebay (don't get the AVH2AVIC with nav, lack of TMS causes reboots - not show stopping but annoying) - $65 and it comes from russia so it takes a few weeks. works decent enough though. You will need to open your radio. 
  • Go through my thread (fun with AVH-W4500NEX) and build your own SD card using the details I provided and the W4400 image. If you have good computer skills with embedded systems or even just dealing with config files on android then you can improve my process and even upgrade to the latest version that's running on the W8500NEX. I think you can even kill the TMS check to prevent reboots but I haven't had time to test this theory out. 

I forgot to add, the issues you're seeing is because the internal SD card is dying or filling up with log files. In some cases the SD cards they use can't handle the heat and humidity in certain climates. In other cases it appears that the idatalink will cause a lot of errors to go into the log and fill up the SD card. I suspect this is my issue (I can reproduce) but since I can't unlock the SD card I can't find out for sure. I bought a logic analyzer and sd card sniffer but haven't had the time to pull the radio out of the jeep to do more indepth hacking. 

I'm selling my Jeep soon and buying a truck and travel trailer, I'm gonna swap the stock radio in the jeep and hack around with my W4500nex then but it's still a month or two away. I don't plan on reinstalling it, I'm still pissed at pionner and going with an F350 or RAM 3500 that already has all those features. 


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