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  1. @RonS I suppose he has MY11-12 based on @spoon1 his own message..., but indeed all this could be clarified by/from @spoon1 himself.
  2. @brommie The F9220BT (same as F920BT but for VW group dashboard) you have is MY09-10 and the update @spoon1 has is MY11-12. If @spoon1 shares the update the CARDINFO.CIF needs editing to be able to update your or others model MY09-10, but with previous updates this has been a succes already so it is normally possible if the needed changes for CARDINFO.CIF are found! The same goes for the nag screen hack (to skip OK prompt warning on startup for navigation) that will also need to be found again (the correct hex adresses that need to be edited)
  3. Under general in the topic: 2019 Maps (announcement only) @spoon1 mentions he has the 2019 update. @godzilla contact @spoon1
  4. 2019 Maps (announcement only)

    @spoon1 See topic (hacks/mods for F series): New Release F20BT F30BT F40Bt F920BT F930BT F940Bt F840BT Etc 2019 and contact @godzilla.
  5. 2019 Maps (announcement only)

    Thats correct indeed the 2019 Map update is out: HERE Pioneer EU MY09-12 High 2019.
  6. Someone has a solution already to skip the nag screen of the 6.0 update? (can I use same hex editing from 5.0) The easyest way is to change the update in that way that it skips the password section...
  7. Skip warning and nag for 2015 update? Can I use same hex edithing like with the 2013 5.0 update?
  8. 2013 EU UPDATE F30 F930 F9310 F40 F940 F840 F8430

    That would indeed be very nice!
  9. pioneer speed cams with poibase

    I don't know why but sometime my avic-f9310bt doesn't allert the speedcames I installed. When i go to the radio screen and back to nav screen it works again perfectly. And someone knows how to get free speed cams after the first year free offer from pioneer.
  10. remove caution nag screen bypass hack application version 5.0...

    thx! i will test it.
  11. remove caution nag screen bypass hack application version 5.0... I have recently updated my avic-F9310BT with the cracked map update of 2013. And I want to remove the caution nag screen but in the topic: remove caution nag screen bypass hack Version 5.0 is not mentioned so I don't know which offset... It should be awesome if you could help me!
  12. skip warning and nag for AVIC F900BT 4.001000 update

    Hello, I am new to Avic411. I have a F-9310BT. Is this to delete/skip the stupid ok screen when you go to the navigation map? Does this mod work on this unit?