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  1. Pioneer Voice Control

    Hi ladies/gents.... It's been awhile since I've visited/posted.... The latest 8100NEX drew me in with Android Auto and it's capacitive screen, and convinced me to upgrade... I'm coming from a Z110 upgraded to Z120... I held off from updating that HU to anything newer, as I thought that I read that Pioneer ditched the voice commands... Or at least some of the more useful ones. So I upgraded to the NEX8100, and while Android Auto/CarPlay is pretty cool, I never have been a big fan of plugging in my phone EVERY SINGLE TIME I get into my car. I also uploaded all my music to Google Play Music... But now I'm worried that my costly upgrade, is now going to cost me even more in data usage with my carrier(ATT)... Fortunately, my 2nd gen Ipod Touch works great with this new unit.... with the exception of voice commands...(change source...change artist...change song...etc) Alright to the point... I left my current PAC-Tato... and steering wheel control interface.... Everything works fine and as expected... But if I hold down the "VC/Talk" button, I'm granted with muted speakers, and an icon that appears to be listening, for about 15 seconds... then it grays out... While it will do nothing but possibly make phone calls... IS there a chance that they left the VC there.... Just not being started up at boot? Has anyone been able to get into the service menu?
  2. I wonder if either of those ports would be freed if the antenna was disconnected at boot?
  3. Does anyone know the path to the Avic's FTP root directories?(recoder/update_ftp) I've dug in to numerous folders and cannot find them. My hopes is that it will provide a somewhat easier way to test, instead of fooling with SD cards... http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/26304-i-bluetoothd-my-macbook-pro-to-my-110/page__view__findpost__p__194869
  4. Just a suggestion... but if this thread could be mirrored in as a sticky in all the other Hack/Mod forums, it might bring in more info.... Some people may not see this, being that it's stuck in the F-series forum<--probably the least sought after Pioneer unit ATM... Just saying....
  5. Like others have mentioned... start a new thread... Let's try to figure this one out... so far you're the only one, but it would be great to know why.... That is... if you're willing to stick in there till we get a hold of what's going on... Thanks
  6. Are you by chance on a Mac when you create the folder? What permissions are on that folder? The only time it won't let me copy/paste, is if I'm trying to copy a system file from one directory of the Avic, to another.... But if I copy it first to a SD card, I'm then able to copy it back to a system directory... Can you copy and paste any other random file to and from? Have you tried to just copy a single file? Allot of this is still new to me, so forgive me for my questions... Just figure the more we know the better...
  7. Thanks again Condiczek.... I'm back up and kicking... Just in case this should arise with others, Condi figured out that my unit is a bit slower than most in regard to how long it takes for it to recognize the USB/SD...(high interior temps....crappy SD card???) A simple tweak to the timeout/sleep in his HMIManager.mscr file is all that was needed. Thanks also for checking into the autoclicker.... I know many would use your hack for this mod alone....
  8. Thanks Condiczek -Everything works fine up until 1.1>1.2 update... just like my first attempt, the unit just continually reboots...I let it reboot 15 times then I turned it off/on... Regardless, it'll continue to reboot until, I remove the SD... -This time, BT is working with version 3.11 -After the update, HACKMODE.key is the only thing left on the SD card... yet it doesn't boot into WinCE<--just get's to the OK screen and reboots Should I try to grab a HACKMODE.key from the 1.1 update? To see if it'll boot to WinCE?
  9. I was able to get updated to v1.2, but like you, my BT was hokey, and the version read ------ Then I somehow managed to get myself in the above situation, luckily after several attempts, I was finally able to get to file manager and restore the USER directory from backup....whhhewwww!!!! Now I'm starting over... There has got to be something with our scenario (Pioneer 110-120 update(legit) and having the update) Odd enough, mine does NOT have the PRG.flg file????
  10. Indeed!!! This is some awesome stuff!!! Special thanks to Garret, as I believe I'll fall into that category with the .flg file.... I've yet to play with this stuff, but at least, I have a somewhat decent idea of what to look out for.... Thanks again... I'm not so much on getting a 3rd party Navi going as much as everyone else.... But the more mods the better.... I'm jumping in to try to figure out how I can make "daytime" map background black like "nighttime".... yet leaving the dimmer function functional....(daytime map is hard to see street names...looks better..etc) I'm also curious to know if there is any way to write a script to automatically hit the "OK" button for you..<-- that one will be last, as I seriously doubt that it's possible... Regardless... Good job fellas... I speak for many, that I appreciate the efforts... this is good stuff...
  11. My new GTI!

    Congrats on the new whip.... I wish we could get the R32 over here:(
  12. Z130BT Upgrade Hacking

    That's pretty awesome... I was wondering if there would be one as well, given the difference in hardware(built-in HD Tuner)... You freakin' rock!!!
  13. I updated my 1st Gen IPod Touch to 4.3 last week as well. But mine works as expected. As much as I hate hearing it from other people, when I have IPod/IPhone related issues, you may want to try to restore it and re-sync... Did you change anything as far as the sync is concerned? Although probably completely irrelevant, I will say that on occasions, my Avic won't even recognize my IPod at bootup... I have to shut off my truck and start it up again(disconnecting the IPod and reconnecting didn't help)... It did it with the Z110BT software as well...
  14. Post CES Feedback/Requests Here

    Can we get a user agreement screen on every screen? I don't mind hitting the OK button... Actually I hate it(would be great if it was a one time thing or after each time you reset the unit).... You have to do it with almost every NAV system... weather factory or aftermarket.... But having to be solely on the Nav screen just to get the agreement, seems like poor logic to me... especially considering that VR is dead until you jump to that screen and hit the OK... Why not just make it boot up procedure...regardless what mode/screen you're in?