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  1. Hi, i trie to use this old thread, becaus i have here an old f900, which stucks on the splash screen. the test mode is going to work, but i could not find the old fw 2.009. Is here still someone who can help me to get this thing working ? Edit: it is working now, but i only found russian files...does anyone have the euro backup for me ?
  2. Sadly, those who have the eruopeean Maps only share them for cash. this is not the spirit of a helpful "hacking" board...i now sell my hd3 @ us-ebay...with 2012 maps. only because im not willing to support these illegal incomes...
  3. ...i found them @ usenet, made the complete procedure succesfully...but surprise, now i have us maps instead of european. now i´m searching the correct files - does anybody share them ?
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