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  1. @EditorDZ tried last night with a 4000. Sadly same functionality as before. Although I did not do a bluetooth firmware update.
  2. Yea I have been looking at it. If you put the unit in test mode and switch the codec to digital the audio works. We would just need to configure it to do it on boot. I'm waiting for the next update to see if that changes things and it seems it may be on the way based on the UK Versions.
  3. Yea its all the bluetooth functionality. You can pair a device and the audio track shows up, but no audio actually goes through the speakers.
  4. This project is not dead. The issue that is being encountered is a lack of ADB and the tedious steps of trying to get Pioneer's OSS code to build. One person is close to getting wifi on the devices and that will help with ADB debugging. A lot of devs have stopped because while they were trying to renable WARP after applying the modifications, the units became bricked. So until the units are repaired, they can not contribute. And without having WARP the units take a decent amount of time to boot. As far as getting bluetooth to work with the 4100 firmware, we need to first figure out th
  5. Definitely still working on it. Just not enough progress to post anything substantial yet.
  6. Update 8/16/2015: Added how to unlock an SD Card to the FAQs.
  7. WOW that is very interesting that you have those options! Also I fixed the button sequence sorry about that!
  8. I have not tried that method yet as I thought it just gets overwritten.
  9. I don't believe so because we would also be creating a new snapshot. But we will cross that bridge when we have a rom to package
  10. All, new developer menu that was discovered: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81482-avic-development-mod-developer-debug-menu/
  11. Introduction Following The AVIC Development Mod, we would like to introduce a new Debug menu that was discovered by examining the Av.apk. This mode seems to be one of the developer menus that Pioneer themselves used to develop the software. It seems to be compatible with all decks that The AVIC Development Mod is compatible with. This menu includes but is not limited to: USB OTG Switching (We have yet to see this truly working) Boot Mode Changes (No need for bsp flashing) Stock Android Developer Settings Menu Sensor Debugging Logcat Log Levels Component Logging Creating the WARP Snap
  12. Ah. Yes. With warp turned off, you can modify the boot partition accordingly. Where is this comment so I can adjust it?
  13. You can modify the boot partition by dd'ing it to a separate image and then running mkboot on it. That will create a folder where you can edit the boot init scripts and such. Then run mkboot again to create a new image that you just dd back. As far as modifying and packaging the images. We can repackage images, and create updates for them, we just haven't created any nifty tools to do it. But if you have scripting knowledge, you can see the script here: https://github.com/bassrock/AVIC-NEX That unpacks an update file, allows for you to make changes and then repacks it into a PRG. Th
  14. Agreed that DIO = Carplay. There are Services in the bin folder that get started by the init scripts on system property changes. If you are familiar with mkboot, you can dd the 1st partition on the big image to a smaller image, then run mkboot to open it up and change it. The init scripts are there on the system property changes. The apks then seem to change system properties when you change modes. Some start a DIOService others do Xm and etc.
  15. So you are single handily deciding to slow progress for the development community, when you may know something that can greatly speed up our progress. That is not what this post and topic is about. It is about cooperation and working together to create software for our radios, that the manufacturer has decided to neglect. So either help us and be constructive, or don't waste everyone's time.
  16. The units use android 4.2.2, the units should be able to create a new snapshot, as it is a mode that exists in UBoot but is untested at the moment. The devices have a USB OTG mode that we have looked into but we have not got it to function properly yet.
  17. All NEX Units that run the Android firmware are compatible. So that means NEX 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 4100, 5100, 6100, 7100, and 8100. As well as their European counterparts.
  18. Having WARP disabled makes the unit boot about 30 seconds before you can listen to music. It is even worse startup times with the Original SD Card Pioneer ships with. If you are going to disable WARP and are opening your unit, you should replace the SD Card with the fastest SD Card you can find to help speed it up.
  19. Almost all of what was contained is in the FAQ or development notes. It was better to compile them all here.
  20. Introduction With the Introduction of the AVIC Development Mod (http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81468-the-avic-development-mod/). We would like to encourage you to backup your AVIC Internal SD Card and its NOR Flash. Lets also keep all backup links and discussion here NEVER ENTER COPY DEVICE MODE, YOU WILL BRICK YOUR DEVICE! The following will show you how to do that: 1. Backup your current BSP and Nor Flash. A. Download the attached NORFlashBackup.zip B. Extract the contents to a FAT32 or NTFS USB Stick. C. Insert the USB Stick to USB Port 1 on the device. D. Follow
  21. Ok everyone, here it is: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81468-the-avic-development-mod/
  22. FAQs What does this mean? 1. WARP can be disabled 2. Internal SD Password Lock can be removed (Requires a new sd card afterward) 3. Debug can be enabled. 4. We can modify the Internal SD Card by inserting it into the computer with the above turned on. 5. Custom ROM development can truly begin. What the heck is warp? A: It's the hibernate function. Â At the factory, they hibernate the device and every time it turns on it uses this information. This prevents us from loading custom firmware because the deck chooses this memory loaded information over the filesystem changes that we create. W
  23. Below are some development notes that we have taken: Links to source code for 60-series and x000-series: http://www.oss-pioneer.com/car/multimedia/files/avic-5000nex/index.html For 70-series and x100-series: http://www.oss-pioneer.com/car/multimedia/files/avic-5100nex/index.html Source code links contains pioneer's modified sources of U-Boot. This uboot_imx.zip contains most useful code, for example: uboot_imx/src/common/cmd_bootconfigs.c - bsp logic: configuration, initialization and settings, including command-line interface (U-Boot cmd line), also this file contains description of BSP str
  24. Introduction WhatIsBypass, AdamOutler and myself present The AVIC Development Mod We have eliminated the barriers to development on all AVIC units including Android Auto. You can now create your own ROM on an SDCard and boot directly into it. We've broken all the security and obfuscations, and we've delivered it to you in a nice, easy-to-use web user interface. This has essentially turned the Pioneer line of units into Nexus devices, that boot off SD Cards. We now have the ability to change the NEX BSP Settings which allow us to unlock the SD Card and change the boot settings that are in th
  25. It will be a bit as we have to prepare the information in a manageable way.
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