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  1. Yep that's the right file. Change extend home to home. And that will map the main button to the home key.
  2. Yea you can actually modify the key map file and make it the home button and that will let you do what you want.
  3. Yes you can. Just note that we don't have an easy way to recreate the warp snapshot with your changes so you will always have to boot with it off for your modifications to work
  4. Yep that is correct! There are a group of us working to see if we can modify it. (Which is possible, you just lose WARP!) However a cross-upgrade may be possible depending on what changed. If you follow WhatIsWhatIsWhatIsWhat's instructions you can backup the OS and upload it for us to examine and try on older units.
  5. Does anybody have an image of their x200 unit or willing to make one? If we can get an image I would be willing to try it in my x000 to see if it works.
  6. So yes. I actually think that the issue is not bluetooth but an audio volume level issue. It's possible the amp volume names changed not he hardware revision.
  7. Nope. The issue seems to stem from how the deck routes audio. It uses a library to communicate to the radios amp. And it seems between the x000 and x100 the radio amp turn on command changed. So until we can manipulate the Amp commands a cross-upgrade is dead if you care about actually getting audio.
  8. No you can't that is actually a limitation from Google. unlike CarPlay Google has restrictions on the screen size that Android Auto is supported on which is why it is not on the AppRadio 4 too.
  9. You can not side load apps without disabling WARP. WARP is what makes the deck boot in under 10 sec. Without it you are looking at a close to 2-3 min boot time overtime you start the deck like a regular android phone. Right now there are some people working on creating a new WARP snapshot after you modify the deck but so far it likes to brick devices.
  10. You will need to acquire your own license by your own means.
  11. *****iGO (Sort Of Easy) Map Updater***** Hi all! With the announcement of the map crack by asd255 http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81468-the-avic-development-mod/?p=337784 we needed a good way to actually update the maps! With the help of various members (if you want to be named let me know), we have created a script that will install the needed iGO patch and install the maps that you have obtained. NOTE: This requires use of the perl command line on your computer to generate the required script. Steps: 1. Download the attached MapPackage.zip 2. Unzip the fil
  12. Yes you should be able to cross flash regions really easily. Its the generations that work but there is no bluetooth audio.
  13. So each of the keys boot a different mode. There is one key that will load the recovery mode with a corrupted internal sd card. I forgot which one it is. But here is a repo I created with scripts to create test keys and the explanation on them. https://github.com/bassrock/AVIC-NEX
  14. You can also change the button mapping on the front of the deck too by changing the keymap files.
  15. Actually you can. I installed nova launcher and other stuff no problem. Again there are two things, no usb wifi support and you have to have warp disabled.
  16. There is one solution that will auto press the OK button when it shows up, however it requires you to install xposed and keep warp disabled, unless you figure a way out to get warp to reenable. https://github.com/fuzznec/AVIC-OK-KILLER And another one here that will run scripts but has the same requirement as above. https://github.com/InspectifierWrectifier/AVICScripty
  17. I believe that mode actually does the reverse of what you were trying to accomplish. I recommend opening up your unit and replacing the internal SD Card with a new one that has the appropriate image.
  18. Looks like it also has the Gauge Support that most users have wanted too. Hopefully if the internals are the same we can get the cross firmware upgrade working on older units.
  19. It should be but the issue is that the bluetooth audio does not work which, CarPlay, Android Auto and Siri all use.
  20. You can not connect an OBD2 to the deck. Pioneer only supports connection via the Maestro and that is only for cars that support the on screen controls. If you want OBD 2 data we either need to get a custom rom working or you should look at an alpine deck.
  21. Yea I am doing this on the Deck itself to see if the Bluetooth Issue is possibly a volume issue. I have the deck rooted and installed AlsaMixer
  22. Hmm the only volume showing under alsa-mixer is "Guide DAC Mute Set"
  23. Interesting ok. I will do a cross upgrade and see what this comes up with later tonight.
  24. All you need to do is download the firmware from Pioneer and rename 150 to 140 on all files and folders.
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