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  1. I am using a test mode key provided by @rojc as I thought there was only one. However I have done a few sdcards and they seem to all boot in my unit just fine and then can be updated. As for the local authorized shop, are you on a friendly enough level to get them to share the service menus? That would be awesome if so..
  2. Yep. I did the updates a few times. Now I am trying a force write with the Testmode keys. The next idea if that that does not work is to try and dd the right images from the update to the right partitions to on the SD which mean we need to know the right mappings
  3. So whats also interesting is that I now get a map license error and my motorized screen will not work. The options are there for the cd and sdcard, clicking on them does nothing, and the options for the motorized screen are greyed out. It's like there is something saved from the sdcard image (which was not a 8000).
  4. Here is the shasum f99aacce6347d2c4835fa63b413ed198f0b7fb92 /Users/daniel/Desktop/avic_5000nex_sd.img 2c4962326c1b2ccebd715a22f33c2772e0670c93 /Users/daniel/Downloads/avic_5000nex_sd.rar
  5. Ok good news! I was able to successfully dd that sd card img after i got it to unrar. I then popped it into my unit and it went to the Updating screen. At this stage nothing would happen and it sat on Update 0.00 -> 0.00, so I went to my computer loaded the 8000 1.10 onto a usb, unplugged the other sdcard and popped it into the USB 1. The deck then recognized the 1.10 update and began updating. The deck now boots normally and I can resume where I was! (Carefully modifying the init.rc). One thing to note with this is that on the first boot with the sd card I didn't realiz
  6. Ah ok. Yes unrar on ubuntu worked, but not the utility I had on my mac. Will try again tonight.
  7. I don't have a .img the file that I have is a .rar from you that I cannot extract. So i ended up dd'd that to the sdcard.
  8. So tried to get into the test mode on the error screen and no go. And that 5000NEX sdcard looks like it may not be anything. It does not have a valid partition table (assuming ubuntu can read android partition tables). Which could explain the issues AdamOutler and I are having trying to boot from it. Has anyone successfully used that image or the image on the different sites?
  9. Since mine is in a loop as well. I plan to try and get the error you do with the 5000 sd card and try to get it to boot recovery, via the test mode key which should allow a force update via a usb. Will let you know how it goes tonight.
  10. How can you boot the test mode of the device is either in a boot loop or gets stuck on a loading screen? Will test mode work from the error screen he has?
  11. So my understanding based on fail0verflow is that the error screen you see is UBoot with recovery options hidden somewhere to install/flash from usb
  12. @AdamOutler did the 5000 SD card image ever work in your deck?
  13. Agreed. My plan was to use Novena, but first we must get the password. Also here is some modifications to AdamOutlers Mapping: common name - associated ver file - location in update boot.img - BOT.VER - BOOT/BOT.PRG bootloader - BTL.VER - n/a UNKNOWN - BT.VER GPS/GPS.PRG userdata - DAT.VER - USERDATA/DAT.PRG UNKNOWN - DTV.VER - DTV/DTV.PRG 2nd recovery.img - ERY.VER - RECOVERYEASY/ERY.PRG (runs if the deck cannot read the sdcard and is loaded into some memory) UNKNOWN - GPS.VER - GPS/GPS.PRG UNKNOWN - OPN.VER - PG150OPN/OPN.PRG system.img - PLT.VER - PLATFORM/PLT.P
  14. So sadly, I modified init.rc with a command that fails and now causes my unit to boot loop. (put a simple touch logs.txt for each storage device, a bit stupidly so when it fails the system reboots) However the above script works perfectly to start us in the direction of custom firmware. And if someone has knowledge of bsp and android we can add to the init.rc scripts to dump the sd password. I am working on an idea I have to hopefully recover my unit. Hopefully will have news soon.
  15. Ok created a much nicer script here: https://code.casual-dev.com/xCwa It works for all firmware versions and models. It will open up the android recovery, boot, and system folders; wait for edits, and then it will repackage the rom up into a flushable firmware with the correct checks.
  16. @AdamOutler here is an SDCard part on Pioneer's site that is supposed to the the 8100. http://parts.pioneerelectronics.com/part.asp?productNum=CXX7606 If we can get the sdcard password, I could then get image my sdcard (from an 8000 but should work since they can update each other) and hand off. Did the SDCard from the 5000 not work?
  17. Also so that work is not duplicated. I am working on simplifying this script and allowing more modifications to the recovery partition as well. I think that it is possible the recovery overwrites the boot partition on each boot.
  18. Ok so update here. I was able to modify the script to break apart and resign the android boot.img. I used this to modify the init.rc to add the sdcard0 logging that AdamOutler recommended. However, that logging never shows up on the sdcard, although it does seem on boot that it is waiting for something. It is good to note that the script below should only be used to modify the 8100 Firmware for now, as it contains the headers for such. Eventually we can make the script more compatible, but we need it to help us fix one deck first. Also to be clear, I used the script to modify the 1.03
  19. Ok. never mind. Turns out mkboot had an error in it.
  20. @AdamOutler, definitely! I am working on trying to get the kernel logs for us to analyze, however I still cannot get mkboot to repackage the kernel kernel and modified ramdisk. I have tried absolute paths, but it is always a error with a no such file or directory.
  21. Is there a trick to get mkbootimg to work? I am using a Ubuntu 14 virtual box but keep getting a no such file or directory with mkboot, when I try to repack. If I can get past this I think I can get the script together to recompile the boot.prg
  22. Just tried a cross upgrade with the old GPS, Bluetooth and Boot prgs. It still had the same issue with no Bluetooth audio, carplay audio, or android audio. I have been unable to get the mkboot tools to work on OS X so I have been unable atm to rebuild a new kernel.
  23. Happy to try that but I am unsure which PRG contains the kernel and ramdisk partitions.
  24. Also just tried a cross-upgrade with the old GPS prg and the GPS ver file. It upgraded but still no bluetooth audio.
  25. @AdamOutler I get what you are saying about the bluetooth. However I am not sure what files you would like the script to modify, and what version information.
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