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  1. Might get a z130 and have a few questions

    I read, I think on pioneer's Facebook page, that the update for the z130 to the z140 features (summer 2012) will also include the NAVTEQ maps. Updates to firmware and maps will not come cheap though and I'd guess around $250 or so since it will include new maps.
  2. Has a z140 been confirmed for CES?

    I use the navigon app on my iPhone and must say its better than the z120 nav. The app does cache maps and I think the recent update allows you to download maps for specific states you want ahead of time, where before it stored all the data on your phone and took up alot of space. I took a trip from Pittsburgh to Lynchburg TN last summer (Jack Daniels fan) and the navigon app never missed a beat. That included a sightseeing trip through the smoky mountains with scattered cell service. I guess my original point was that it seemed crazy to pay an extra $700 for the z140bh if one of the only feature gains over the avhp8400bh is the onboard nav when advanced app mode allows you to still have a nav option.
  3. Has a z140 been confirmed for CES?

    Just a thought an observation: In the past year and a half, i've gone from the AVIC D3, to the X930BT, to the Z120BT to my current AppRadio (crap) setup. I'm a sucker for trying things out and/or being too lazy to uninstall when I trade in a vehicle and my wallet suffers as a result. With Pioneer's new announcements, and my experience using the above mentioned units, I think the best bang for your buck if you are sticking with Pioneer in 2012 might be the AVH-P8400BH? At first glance, it appears to have all the functionality of the Z140BH with the exception of the built in NAV. Since the advanced app mode basically includes all the AppRadio functions and allows you to use superior navigation apps, why pay the $700 premium between the 8400 and Z140? Is there something else I am missing? I must say I regret the AppRadio purchase and seeing them release an AppRadio 2 and no firmware update talk irritates me but does not surprise me...that's my own fault.
  4. Before you upgrade your iPhone to iOS 5

    Z120BT, no updates, and have the Pandora pause problem. I only came into comment because I saw someone received a response from Pioneer that they are "working on it". That's very surprising to me. I assumed they would ignore the issue and expect us to buy a new head unit. I was holding out on buying the upgrade for the Z120 that adds aha and facebook etc until after iOS 5 was released. This is exaclty why I was waiting.
  5. I apologize if this is a repost, didnt see one and noticed this morning that the Pioneer Avic Feeds app was updated. What's new over a year later you ask? Well support for the now year old iPhone 4 and iOS4, iAd supported, supports importing POI from photos in camera roll, and of course "minor bug fixes and optimizations".
  6. Sirius XM Channel Lineup Change

    Well, the good news is most of the SiriusXM logos are intact. I did notice a handful that are now missing (Kiss FM, PearJam, Willie's Place), along with a couple new channels that have no logos, but I would say the large majority of logos are still there and have moved to their new channel assignments. I am honestly surprised they werent all missing. You will NEED TO REMOVE PRESETS in order to get the correct logos on those channels. I noticed off the bat that my presets had incorrect logos but as I flipped through the channels one by one, they were correct. I plan to spend some time later to reassign presets, trying to do so on the highway with the way the touch screen does and doesnt want to respond to a swipe was too frustrating this morning.
  7. Just got the email from SiriusXM as I know other forum members have noted as well. The channel lineup is changing on May 4th. When this happened back in the day with my AVIC D3, i lost most all of the XM logos with a few exceptions. Now with the Z120BT and all you lucky Z130BT owners, i wonder if it will be the same and they'll disappear again? I would have to bet on it being a cluster f since that's typically the case. I was likely going to purchase the Z130 upgrade when available, but if history repeats itself I can almost guarantee there wont be a fix with any update from Pioneer anytime soon. If there is an issue, it's SiriusXM's fault for sure, but I know Pioneer wont rush to any fix either. I'm getting ahead of myself though, lets see what happens come May 4th.
  8. VSS wire? - 2011 Nissan Altima S 2.5L Sedan w/o Bose

    While not exactly a quick solution to your question, you can download the service manual from the nissan tech info site for $20. Basically pay for a 24hour online access acccount, download and save the PDF's to your computer and you've got yourself a full manual for future questions for a fraction of the $350+ prices they normall ask. All of the wiring for your car, pin locations etc will be there, not to mention any other questions that might come up. Just a thought from a guy who went that route since I couldnt find anything for my 2011 nissan juke...
  9. Nissan Juke

    Ok, to be more specific...if anyone has any pointers for keeping my stock RF sub working with the new head unit, i'd be all ears. The crutchfield rep i spoke to said that I would lose my OEM sub with an aftermarket install. He seemed to indicate that it might be able to be hardwired though? Ok, so i've been lucky in the past to only have to do a few minor tweaks, simple 4 channel amp installs, bypasses, steering wheel controls (never thought I'd find myself soldering an in-line resistor sitting in the drivers seat, but there I was), crossovers for 3-way component installs etc. NOTHING major by any means. I really want to keep my stock sub and can't imagine this being all that big of a deal. From what i've read, the RF sub has a small 125w amp right inside the enclosure somewhere. I dont want to add a new amp or anything, just dont want to lose what little low end I currently have. I'm scouring the internet for walk-throughs and no luck. I know my GF's eclipse had an adapter we installed to keep her OEM RF sub working(I also recall it being insanely expensive for what it was) but my car has no such adapter. Any ideas?
  10. Z110BT straight to Z130BT possible?

    Been trying to PM you, unable to get one to send though so please let me know I will buy it!
  11. Anyone receive their REBATE for the x920BT?

    Coming full circle back to my own topic....so here's my question. I bought the X920BT back in September I believe. Eventually my rebate did come, I believe it took until November. So now i've since sold that old unit and am close to buying a Z120BT, which now has a rebate that is good through the end of this month (March). So, do I not qualify for a rebate since I bought the X920BT last year and received a rebate on it? This is a new year, and would be a new unit, with a new time frame of purchase for the rebate? Anyone done anything similar and actually received a rebate? I am certain I'm setting myself up for disappointment regardless as the last rebate process only irritated the pi$$ out of me. I feel like calling and asking will only pi$$ me off more because i can pretty much guarantee no one will know the answer.
  12. Nissan Juke

    I'm wondering if anyone on this forum has swapped out an OEM juke navigation system for an aftermarket that can give me any pointers. I've never owned a Nissan and am hoping to keep the factory steering wheel controls with one of the PAC units (i'll likely be replacing with a pioneer system, likely the Z120BT). I put two AVIC's in my FJ Cruiser but had the luxury of finding step by step photograph installations online. I'm just generally asking if anyone's done a nav unit on the juke and if so, were there any road blocks, any issues at all or warnings. I'm the type who will research online for days on end in order to do something myself and so far I've learned alot and had good results, but a brand new veh and a make i've never messed with has got me feeling like a noob all over again.
  13. FJ cruiser

    In the off event that you never installed this in your FJ....My best advice is to take a look at www.fjcruiserforums.com. I can tell you that i've installed to Avic's in my FJ (which is now gone, and I miss it every day) and it's a fairly easy install. I can absolutely guarantee you that the FJ forums have picture instructions on installing the X920BT and the older AVIC D3 which is a wealth of info for an newbie to the install game. I'm positive because I contributed some and used the others on my first time. Good luck!!!
  14. Z110BT straight to Z130BT possible?

    Thanks, that's good news that I could potentially pick up a cheap Z110 and just upgrade in may. and thanks for your youtube vids BTW. Kept me up late last night having the classic Kenwood vs. Pioneer yearly struggle. I dont know why I feel so loyal to Pioneer, no reason to really. I am trying to hold out for your 9980HD review but I'm so sick of the OEM nav in my new nissan. I also hate to spend over 1500 when I had just bought the X920BT this past fall and left it in my trade in. What to do...what to do... I've admitted to myself that I will never truly be completely happy with one unit or the other so it may as well be my least expensive option. If only Pioneer would have partnered w/ Garmin, my decision would have been so easy.
  15. Z110BT straight to Z130BT possible?

    So I sold my car that I had installed my X920BT in, and since I'm still bitter that I didnt remove it first, I'm trying my best to find a cheap upgrade for my new veh. I want to step up to the Z series and am wondering...since the Z110 was upgradeable to the Z120, will a Z110 that hasnt been upgraded be able to skip a series and upgrade to the Z130? For some reason I feel like I'm trying to cheat an OS simlar to the tiger fiasco I had w/ my GF's mac....but anyone know if this will be possible? Would all upgrades have to be purchased in order? Can the Z110 even make the jump up to 130? Thanks for your help. I searched the forum and didnt find this info.