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  1. Basic Reboot Loop Fix

    I have a problem, because mine will not even let me open the Face Panel to put SD card Into it.... It is stuck in a loop will not fully boot up. It boots to the Language Select Screen, will not let you select anything Freezes there for a few Seconds then just Reboots again. Keeps doing this over and over and over. Is there someone or somewhere that I can Send This to have it fixed??? I am desperate Please help Scott R Maricopa, Az BTW, my model is the AVIC-8000nex
  2. GIGANTIC 512GB HP USB Flash Drive

    Yes, I am aware of media manager software such as was mentioned. And IT is configurable to however you wish to have the File/Folder Structuring set up. What I am asking is "What is the Optimal File/Folder Structure to set your music up as (on external media such as SD, USB Mem Stick or External SSD in USB3.0 Enclosure) ??? My HU (allong with about $8k worth of other Upgrades to System) is being installed right now. I am looking to pick up the Truck in a couple days. I already have started organizing some of my music (I have never had to deal with this before, Never had a HU or Other Device that could read Mp3, Flac, Wav or Other Files) I AM going thru and using "MP3 Tag" Software to make sure that ALL Music Files are correctly (And Uniformly) Cleaned Up and Named. So that everything will show up "Optimally" - IN Non-File Structure Mode I assume it will simply Organize Music per your Viewing Choice (Album/Artist/Title) by reading the MP3 Tag Content. BUT, I am hoping to glean a little info on how the Unit Displays the File/Folder Structure in "FILE MODE" so that I can set them up to be viewed the best possible way when using "FILE MODE"... ALSO, If I understand correctly. The HU will not Read & Correctly Display Album Art if the Cover Picture is simply added to the "Album Folder" That, Instead, You Need to Embed the Album Art INTO the MP3 TAG Content when using the "MP3 Tag" Software to Edit the Mp3 Tag data... Confirmation that I am correct in THIS Assumption would be greatly Appreciated. As well as, Can anyone tell me if there is a MAX Resolution (for the Album Art to be Embedded into MP3 Tag File Data) to have it display (or Display Correctly) ??? Most of the ones I have been able to find are 600x600 resolution - IS This going to work? Will it display correctly with That resolution. Because "That" is the lowest resolution Album Art I could find and my only other option would be to use a Photo Editing Software Program to Edit & Lower the Resolution of Each and Every Pic -and- then Re-Write the Album Art to the MP3 Tag Data all over again for every song on every album... Your Help would be greatly appreciated Thx a Ton, Scott Richardson SlimShadySkip Florence, Az
  3. GIGANTIC 512GB HP USB Flash Drive

    I am currently installing the 8000NEX in my Truck. First off, Have you found that .mkv files work fine? (must they be under the 4gb as stated)? Also, Could someone point me to a post or article where I can find the best Formatting for Music & Video Files on SSD? ie: Folder/File Name Structure to Use so that (i am assuming in File Mode) the HU will show as Album / File Name and recognize proper Album Art? I am looking to get some music together by the time My Truck is ready to pick up.... Thanks much, Scott R Florence, Az