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  1. Maestro RR features limited by Pioneer?

    scott_0, that's great. But I guess this feature was promissed on 4000/6000/8000 NEX on CEShttp://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/38564-wellim-done-pioneer-are-liars-plain-and-simple/
  2. Maestro RR features limited by Pioneer?

    herbert68, I guess you won't have your solution from iDatalink. As far as I know there is a huge gap between them and Pioneer. One example of this is the lack of gauges on any NEX unit. Pioneer anounces the features and iDatalink claims that they don't implement.... The best thing to do is to register and post on their forum. Because I guess your central display feature depends on the headunit to send the phone data and the RR to handle it. Some references: http://www.12voltdata.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=318&t=12742&start=15 http://www.12voltdata.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=318&t=14092
  3. LCD eject not functioning - 4100 NEX

    I Just checked and there is no influence of the parking brake or bypass to remove the screen.
  4. LCD eject not functioning - 4100 NEX

    I have a 4000NEX with a bypass too. I'll check this behaviour for you with or without the bypass.
  5. LCD eject not functioning - 4100 NEX

    When you are using the radio on other functions, did you find any problems to use this area on the screen?
  6. vehicle odbII Bluetooth to 8100 nex

    Even with iDataLink Maestro RR is not possible to get ODBII reading on the NEX series. I contacted their support and there is a huge gap between them to make this work. http://www.12voltdata.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=318&t=12742&start=15 So basically only the steering wheel controls that are supported right now, but there is another really important observation. They have 2 products and as far as I understood it works like this: Maestro RR - If your car sends Steering wheels functions via CANBUS to the radio you must use this one. Maestro SW - If you car sends restive signals to the radio, you must use this one. But please do confirm on their webpage http://maestro.idatalink.com/
  7. New NEX units now 8200 instead of 8100.

    FLAC is Present since the first NEX models.
  8. AVH-4100 Back up camera picture quality at start up

    I noticed It on the 4000NEX. Always the start up image quality is great. I was thinking if the guides were influencing somehow, but i did turn off and the quality didn't change much. I was guessing that on the startup there is no On Screen Display and later there is so that's why there is a loss, but i guess i'm wrong.
  9. 4100NEX Rear Camera Comes On After Turning Ignition Off

    Is the CameraView feature turned on? Try to swich it off and check.
  10. Auto EQ Adjustment - Does it help?

    The AutoEQ makes a lot of difference in my case. I'm using a Component Speakers in the front, a Sub under the drivers seat and Coaxial at the back on a Honda Fit 2015. After the AutoEQ procedure you can notice that the soundstage it's better and you can't notice the location of the sub directly. (Only if you put high volume on it). The voices and sounds are balanced and well distributed. Remembering that AutoEQ also measures the timing/delay difference between speakers. Just one tip if you have a Sub, don't leave it with full gain when using AutoEQ. Use something like 1/3 of the gain so you can adjust it after the AutoEQ procedure.
  11. 4000NEX - No Audio

    Just to let you know guys, my problem was one of the speakers that was shorted and it cut all the amplified audio from the unit. Not the Sub. I just removed the problematic speaker and the unit is working fine. Thanks god they have short protection on the outputs. Now i have to figure out what happened with this speaker
  12. 4000NEX - No Audio

    I Got a 4000NEX Installed on a Fit 2015 for 2-3 months. It was working fine and today it does not have audio. I Tried a Reset and the only thing that I can hear is the subwoofer The steering wheel controls are working fine. Setup: Regular Wires used onn speakers (fro original harness and car) Steering Wheel Interface SWI-CP5 Sub TS-WH500A Any suggestions?
  13. Honda Fit 2015

    Hi. I'll Install my 4000NEX on a Honda Fit 2015. I Just noticed that I don't have the Illumination and Reverse Signal on the Original Radio Wiring. The Original Radio uses CANBUS to get those signals.... Does anyoone have an idea of how can I get these signals?
  14. Hello !

    Hi Everyone. I'm From Brazil and I hope to contribute with everyone. My HU is a 4000NEX (USA)