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  1. Custom Background Gallery

    gafirefighter20, I hope you like this one. Get back to me with your opinion!
  2. Honda iMid blue wallpaper

    Got it!
  3. Honda iMid blue wallpaper

    zerog270: Could you post the background image? Honda, Accord, Civic...?
  4. Custom Background Gallery

    Here you go!
  5. Saludos

    Avic 5100nex to be installed soon on Chevy Traverse. Some upgrades to be made on the door speakers as well. Lost of question in the horizon! Check the custom backgrounds... http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/36-custom-background-gallery/page-85&do=findComment&comment=332377
  6. Custom Background Gallery

    Hello everyone. Here a few custom backgrounds. Hope you like them. If you like, I can do your own custom background. Just get in touch!