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  1. The AVIC Development Mod

    They would work if you had the licenses, unfortunately, they don't exist.
  2. 2015 Q3 Maps Available

    No 2016Q1 licenses yet.
  3. The AVIC Development Mod

  4. The AVIC Development Mod

    Hope this helps someone... Make Speed cameras.txt X,Y,TYPE,SPEED,DIRTYPE,DIRECTION 18.9429837,47.4521967,1,100,2,90 Note: Speed cameras.txt must have a minimum order 4 points. Explanation: X = longitude Y = latitude TYPE = type of speed camera 1 - Speed camera, 2 - Built-in speed camera, 3 - Red light camera, 4 - Average speed camera, 5 - Mobile speed camera, hand-held radars and other mobile speed camera locations, 6 - Railway crossing, 7 - Bus lane camera, 8 - High accident zone, 9 - School zone, 10 - Town entry point, 11 - Red light and speed camera, 12 - Toll booth, 13 - Hospital, 14 - Fire station, 15 - Congestion charge zone, 31 - Dangerous area SPEED = speed limit in km/h DIRTYPE = type of direction of the speedcam (0 - all directions (360°); 1 - define direction (see Direction field); 2 - two directions (forward/backward). DIRECTION = Viewing angle (between 0° and 359°, 0° - North, 90° - East, 180° - South, 270° - West) File Speed cameras.txt put in iGO\content\speedcam. Before that delete everything from folder speedcam. Related topics http://www.gpspower.net/igo-pois-voi...g-non-tts.html
  5. The AVIC Development Mod

    Can someone tell me where to find the sys.txt file on the modded 8100NEX. Need to find out what the categories for speedcam alert points are. The following Alert Types are Available on the pioneer display, but in order to import data into the speedcam folder, I need to know the "TYPE" for each. Thanks X,Y,TYPE,SPEED,DIRTYPE,DIRECTION Speed Camera Mobile Speed Camera Built in speed Camera Average Speed Camera Red Light Camera Bus Lane Camera Railway Crossing High Accident Zone School Zone City Entry Point Toll Booth Hospital Ambulance Fire Station Congestion Charge Zone Dangerous Area
  6. 2015 Q3 Maps Available

    Yes, what you've done wrong is attempt to update your deck using someone else's licensed update. What you need to do is follow the instructions in the Avic Developement Mod thread to unlock your device, then copy the appropriate map files to your device. It's really not that difficult at all, you just need to read the thread.
  7. The AVIC Development Mod

    For those interested, looks like some unneeded files as well.. Point Addressing (.fpa) PRIMO ONLY! These files help you navigate to addresses that are off the main street, Not available for every region. Primo\Content\Map\
  8. The AVIC Development Mod

    Hmmm... Obviously I don't have all licenses. Missing the Q3 address points as well. I used the most recent lyc from GPSPower, anyone know the file names required? 8100, I left the license folder in tact and just pasted the additional lyc. Thanks
  9. The AVIC Development Mod

    Thanks WhatIs.
  10. The AVIC Development Mod

    Found a 16gb stick and applied the patch & updated to US Q3. Thanks much! Question though, when I checked the map info area on the unit, the "ftr" Truck? files listed are not activated/dimmed. Not sure if it's always been that way, but should these be active? I copied the appropriate licence files into the license folder, but nothing specific to "ftr" Any ideas? Thanks again for this great tool.
  11. Well, you did earlier say this... re: Great job! Anytime soon for 8100 series?
  12. Great job! Anytime soon for 8100 series?
  13. The AVIC Development Mod

    Has anyone had success with an exFAT formatted USB vice FAT32?
  14. power off

    Unless you have the 8200, no it doesn't. If you have a powered antenna, it'll stay up.