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  1. You can try. I have also F20BT and my RenewalLib had those hex offsets. I've successfully updated to 2017.
  2. [Question] Android Auto on F series

    I doubt it's gonna happen. Older F series units are simply too old for that.
  3. [Question] Android Auto on F series

    You need to be more specific about your question, because answer to it might be yes and no. Yes - while newest F-Series units like F88DAB & F80DAB have support for Android Auto (and CarPlay). No - any older unit below those mentioned (like mine F20BT) have no support for Android Auto.
  4. Leider, momentan gibt es keine "einfache idiotensichere Version". Man muss selber "hacken" einige daten bevor update. Am besten ist dass du liest: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/83535-map-update-hack-using-shortfuse-method-z110-z140x920-x940/
  5. I guess it should work if you follow the instructions i wrote on my post: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/83505-new-release-f20bt-f30bt-f40bt-f920bt-f930bt-f840bt-etc-2017-release/page-2&do=findComment&comment=345232 I have F20BT and for me it worked perfectly!
  6. Unfortunately i dont remember which was the active folder. I just took dll from the first PRG0 folder and the copied back patched one in both of PRG0 and PRG1 just to be safe.
  7. AVIC-F20BT Update Success! So, here is what i did: First i have edited CARDINFO.CIF. You need to search for: OE9R75LQ2MJ2X72EUR and replace with X07EURX27EURX30EUR Then save CARDINFO.CIF and replace the one on update SD Card. (I'm providing already edited CARDINFO.CIF, so you can just overwrite it) Then i used TestMode to get RenewalIFLib.dll from HU to edit it. I copied one from following location \USER\PRG0\APL Then edited it on PC with HxD.exe and made following changes: Replaced all (hex) 0350A0E3 with 0050A0E3. Saved the file, copied to SD Card, then back on HU copied on: \USER\PRG0\APL and \USER\PRG1\APL Booted SD Card with 2017 update, then for update password entered: PASSWORDPASSWORD and bam, update installed after 25 minutes. Thanks to Godzilla for providing update files and to RonS for instructions. CARDINFO.cif.zip
  8. Nope, didn't tried it yet. I dont have the car during the day, will try it tonight. Btw, here is CARDINFO.CIF file for update to be recognised on AVIC-F20BT (and F10BT i assume) unit. NOTICE: I dont take any responsibility if the update bricks your device, since i havent tested it myself yet. (Thats work in a progress). CARDINFO.cif.zip
  9. Ok, found the part of what needs to be replaced. Thing is the part to be replaced is a little different than that from previous 2013 or 2015 update. In 2017 CARDINFO.CIF one need to replace: OE9R75LQ2MJ2X72EUR with X07EURX27EURX30EUR This way i got update recognised in my AVIC-F20BT, but now it asks me for update password. I guess we need to wait for someone to hack the VERINFO file...
  10. I have examined "ALLDATA.HTM" in UPDATE folder, and there it states that version is T1000-25817. That product version is for following devices: Pioneer MY11/12 AVIC-F30BT, F930BT, F9310BT, F40BT, F940BT, F840BT, F8430BT So no go for my AVIC-F20BT until hacked files are available...
  11. Successfully updated F20BT - with modified VERINFO.DAT & CARDINFO.CIF from this post: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81488-2015-european-map-update-for-pioneer-avic-f30bt-f930bt-f9310bt-f40bt-f940bt-f840bt-f8430bt/page-28&do=findComment&comment=335519 Thanks for maps!