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  1. No Voice from 8100

    sometimes I find I get nothing when I connect carplay. depending on the app I sometimes have to have it running on the phone before I connect, sometimes I have to restart my phone, sometimes if I have BT connected I will get no sound and sometimes I have to insure the phones volume is right up before I hear anything from the unit. so it is kind of hit or miss, I haven't found one specific way that insures when I plug my phone in that I will have full functionality.
  2. I've experienced this problem as well. the workaround I've found is to shut off the phone and restart it. It seems the Iphone will either make that annoying noise or not play at all when I start a car play app. If I turn the phone off and restart it it seems to solve the problem? You'd think for the cost of this technology it should be seamless. (who am I trying to kid)
  3. Custom Backround Request

    Is it possible to do an animated boot up screen for the 8100? Looking for the Chevy bow tie. Can this be done or what type of file would have to be created? Thanks,
  4. I Will Make Your Custom Backgrounds!

    Not sure if this has been addressed earlier in the thread, may have missed it - I was curious to know if it's possible to do a custom animated boot up for the 8100nex? Particularly looking for the Chevy bowtie. thanks
  5. AVIC 8000NEX Background Animations

    interesting that no one has responded to this? There are pages and pages of background images available here - I'd be very interested in how to do the animated boot up with a chevy logo or something like that