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  1. Is anyone still working with a Z110BT and doing upgrades or know of a qucik simple way to upgrade? My main problem is Bluetooh, when you shut off the radio and start it again, the (audio) option in Bluetooth settings on the phone turns off. It is still connected but won't stat play again till you select "Audio" in the phone BT settings and activate it again. I have Bluetooth Version 3.32
  2. adabob

    ebay maps

    I recently on Ebay bought a map update for AVIC NEX 8100 for 2018 Maps and it went pretty flawless, got 2 Micro SD cards in the mail with instructions, followed them and everything was updated and for a couple of weeks now no problems. Paid $24 2017 PIONEER AVIC-5100NEX 6100NEX 7100NEX 8100NEX GPS MAP UPDATE - 2018 AVIC NEX Seller was SELLER:avicfix (1846) 98.7% positive feedback I'm happy so I for one had not problems and it was cheaper than going to this Pioneer site
  3. adabob

    8100 or 8200

    While I did upgrade to an NEX8100 for about $800 it appears App radio is a let down, you can really only use one option at a time ie. Mirrorlink, Android auto etc. Plus the USB1 option of a hard drive to replace an IPOD lacks enough power. Appears a good low current draw SSD is the only way to go now
  4. Confirmed and working bypass with an NEX-8100
  5. adabob

    8100 or 8200

    Has anyone else ever asked this question?
  6. adabob

    8100 or 8200

    Did they ever work out the Bluetooth problems with the old Z110BT? This is why I'd like to move up to the NEX 8 series, if the Bluetooth is much improved Also is there a big difference between the 8100 and the 8200? Is it just a firmware upgrade? I read the Android Mirror is dropped and the IData Masetro is improved, is it really that different? What module would I need for a IData Masetro for a 2009 Toyota Camry? Thanks for any suggestions or info Is there another thread with this info? Thanks
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