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  1. AVH-3300NEX Album Art Not Displaying

    Hey how do you like the 3300nex unit overall do you have any pros or cons I'm looking into getting one I had the 4100nex but didn't like the big screen always there so I'm looking into the flip out
  2. Anyone using the 3300nex

    Looking to get 3300nex looking for some input if anyone has any it would be appreciated
  3. Avh-x7800bt

    Looking into getting this radio avh-x7800bt does anyone have any feedback for me
  4. no video on AVH-4100NEX, firmware?

    How did u put the videos on the SD card
  5. need help

    got a nex 4100 but the mirror link nor hdmi is working with my galaxy note edge. android auto works fine pus i bought the connectivity kit (cd-ah200). everything is hooked up right but i get nothing