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  1. Looking for installer in Maryland for 4500 Kodiak

    i'm an installer and i live in columbia, md. i have a z1 n have installed many units at my shop. as long as u can fit a double din, have the right kit n harness i'll b willing 2 do it. i have a friend who goes to salisbury university so i can visit her n come 2 u, or u can come to my work. lemme kno if u wanna get it done.
  2. Chevy TrailBlazer 2006 ILL troubles

    yes, that harness has an illumination wire on the gms-04 side. but on the factory harness, there is no wire on the other side. u hafta run a new illumination wire from the z1 harness to ur parking lights wire. illumination - brown, at the fuse box under the left rear seat, also try lookin under the driver's dash. good luck dude.
  3. 2006 Nissan and Avic-Z1

    cntrylvr is on point, usin the 7551 retains using the factory amp n bose speakers by usin rca outputs. but if u wanted to run the speakers directly off the z1, u do need to rewire the speaker outputs from the factory amp to the z1 wire harness. the 7602 is the right double din dash kit. as far as installation price, it is not going to cost $1300, they're tryin to rip u off. it should be 200 for in-dash nav install, $40 for parts, n 180 IF u decide to get it rewired from the speakers directly to the z1. head up 2 circuit city, they'll get u done right.

    try unpluggin the main wire harness (power, acc, ground. etc.) then pluggin it back in. or hold the reset button down for 30 seconds. and make sure in the map menu, that itz on automatic illumination mode instead of day mode.

    there's a bandwagon, u should hop on it just like the rest of us. itz awesome dude.
  6. Z1 Bypass for New Z1

    use the search function man. you'll find the answer to bypass it.
  7. vss wire on a 2003 nissan pathfinder

    speed sense wire should be white/blue. itz behind the instrument cluster, or at the tcm (transmission control module) which is left of the brake pedal. good luck dude.
  8. WM5 beaming multiple contacts

    cool beans.
  9. Updates for NAV on HDD

    probably gonna hav updates usin cd-rs like the cddb update. i don't think they're gonna make us buy update dvds, thats just silly. but thats just my guess.
  10. VSS Wire 06 Charger

    ur welcome.
  11. bluetooth prices and location

    i got it from circuit city. itz retail at 150 i got it for 105 usin the employee discount. itz definately worth the money n itz very easy 2 install, all u hafta do is mount it n plug it up.
  12. Thread Size Question.

    that hole is on most pioneer units. on regular sing-din units, it comes wit this 5 or 6mm bolt that goes for the hole. itz usually meant 4 a ground, if the wire harness doesn't have 1. u could use a backstrap n bolt the z1 down n drill the other side to ur chassis.
  13. It finaly works!

    every1's invited! i think the club's called avic411.com, awesomeness.
  14. VSS Wire 06 Charger

    speed sense wire - dark green/ brown, should be at the pcm on the passenger kick panel, in the bottom plug 1 of the z1 plugs have a pink wire that should be hooked up to the vehicle's speed sense wire. i don't really understand ur pac module situation tho.
  15. Where's the MUTE

    if u hav a ne pioneer remote, hit the att button or get the cd-sr1 remote 4 the z1 to control bluetooth n voice command keys.