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  1. When i take it out of the put the card on my computer it shows a gps folder. And something else so i giess is reading the sd card
  2. Hey guys i lost my password...and i have downloaded Super test mode key and also about 3 other test mode keys... I cant get my avic f900bt to boot into test mode I already put the green cable in the back with the black to do the e brake by pass... I have a 16gb micro SD with the SD card slider so I can use it on the avic I also format it to fat32 if anybody can point at what am i doing wrong i can appreciate it also if i was to update the radio would i still have to put in the password thanks in advance any help would be greatly appreciated...
  3. Avic F900bt password recovery

    Hey guys im new to this i have try loading condi 1.4 to my sd card with no luck of getting my radio to boot up in to the testmode i need some help please just need to be pointed to the right key mode to get my unit to boot into the test mode thanks in advance...
  4. [X930BT] - Password Recovery (obsolete)

    Hey new here is this the right test mode key for a avic f900bt...because im.having trouble getting it to boot on test mode thanks in advace..if is not can someone point me to the right direction thanks again..
  5. Would this work with a avic f900bt sorry new to this and i havent use my radio in a while and i forgot the paswoord now is locked and i downloaded and put it on the sd card but i cant get it to boot up into test mode any suggestions or am i in the right testmode key thread i evem download the condi 1.4