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  1. map update: 2019Q4 Full Europe now available

    For all Pioneer AVIC-F960BT (alias: AVIC-6000NEX) users: The complete package does not have space on the device. Received the following error message: Had to delete some map files. With a reduction to 6GB everything still works.
  2. Smartphone Confirm bypass for x000 units

    Firmware v1.15 The patch is ineffective against the Bluetooth message. Maybe somebody fix that?
  3. Dont replace or rename the file. Just copy goldenapple.tst and then you can enter to Testmode. Can confirm that v1.15 and Testmode is working.
  4. You can get a complete System Dump from a previous version of the NEX 6000 to downgrade the Device.
  5. I readed this in your Post #5 and several times here. The test mode is unimportant to me as long as I can update the maps. What should be useful in this?
  6. 3D Building does not work anymore

    What license did you install? Edit: Handygamer, you are right. Installed the whole Folder LYC (nur 2017.Q1) from here (except for Turkey). Now everything is fine. Danke für deine Hilfe.
  7. 3D Building does not work anymore

    Hello, got following Setup: Pioneer AVIC NEX 6000 (EU Version Called F960BT) Firmware v1.14 BT Firmware: HW01-SW03.41.11 Installed: Crack Hack Patch and also Remove OK Screen on Startup Maps: Europe HERE 2017 Q1 License: Mega_Free_1_Year_Update_FEU_NQ_2017_Q1 Have the 3dc and 3dl successfully copied to the Device. But it does not show me the 3D Buildings. In the previous version everything worked
  8. Can someone confirm that the Crack Hack Patch is working with the new vesion 1.15? Is there a changelog for 1.15?
  9. Can you hear me now?

    Is your 4100NEX Firmware Up to date?
  10. Avic help

    Wrong subforum, better ask in the Problems/Troubleshooting area for F900BT. I hope you have followed the Official 3.0 Update Tutorial.
  11. Finally no annoying OK at every start. Script is working. Tested with Pioneer NEX6000 (alias AVIC-F960BT).
  12. Speedcam Updating

    Finally working speedcams for Austria I used this one for my NEX6000 (alias AVIC-F960BT) I'm scared how many radar devices I've overlooked so far. Thank you for your understandable help.
  13. Speedcam Updating

    Hello my friends, today i tried to update the Speedcams on my NEX6000 (alias AVIC-F960BT). I allready have buy it and i dont know why but they wil not been update anymore with the Naviextra program. So now i want to do it by myself. I have the full cracked System installed from there. Also the newest Maps Europe HERE 2016.Q4 i have sucefully istalled. But i got problems with Speedcames to update them. Tried to download the .spc files from HERE 2015.Q1 (without .md5) and the license from there. Puted the .spc files in the iGO\content\speedcam folder and the .lyc in this one iGO\licens Speedcams dit not shown in the AVIC information menü. Only the .lyc will correctly displayed. Could someone explain to get the stuff working?
  14. Upgrading NEX4000 to NEX4100 - Work in Progress

    Uploads are down