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  1. 8200NEX Spotify?

    Well that depends on your phone. With my note 7 sometimes If I was streaming Spotify in the car the next time I got in it would automatically start back up and play where it left off. With the iPhone 7 it almost always starts back up where I left off when I get back in the car through Bluetooth. Now you can't browse you play list or anything but it's better than nothing.
  2. Internal sd card question.

    I have seen a post or two with people saying they replaced the internal sd for various reasons. I currently have the 8100nex. From what I have read we can't get the guages to work because the internal sd does not have enough memory or something along those lines. I drive an impala ss and they are known for trans issues. I bought this radio becuse of the guages features only to find out they promised it but never delivered. After I seen the post about putting a new sd card in the radio it got me thinking. Can I download the 8200 image to an sd card and install that inside the radio then have the guages features. I have the maestro rr and everything installed already beicause it thought the radio had the features. Just wondering if that would work. It would be really nice to be able to use this feature to monitor trans temps and a few others. I know I can get a Bluetooth dongle and watch it on my phone but I really wanted it on the radio. I was watching the threads about custom roms but haven't seen anything. Any ideas?
  3. 8100 NEX Firmware 1.09 upgrade

    You can use sd. That's how I did my 8100. Hit the cd button like your putting the cd in and slot is there.
  4. 8200NEX Update

    I never got avicsync to work. I used the sd card only. I've only done it the one time so I don't know much about it. I'm not much help. Now I need to download the vm again and do the 1.14 I guess
  5. The AVIC Development Mod

    It looks like you guys have accomplished some pretty cool stuff. Since the headunits are able to be unlocked for custom roms and other stuff is there any chance we can load the 8200 update on an 8100 so I can use the gauges feature with the maestro rr. I have the gauges option in my settings but it is grayed out. From the research I did they blocked the gauges feature on the 8100 but it works on the 8200.

    Since the 1.14 is for all nex units any chance that the maestro gauges would work on an 8100 with this update? From what I understand the only difference between the 8200 and 8100 having that ability is the software.
  7. 8200NEX Update

    I did mine using vm ware on a Mac Pro with no issues. Downloaded a cracked version on windows 8 or 10 to use in the vm and it worked great
  8. New to the forum question

    Also I am running a note 7 and Android auto seems to freeze after 10 to 15 of playing Spotify or Amazon music. It will play fine through Bluetooth but freezes on auto. This is what made me look at the firmware updates
  9. New to the forum question

    Hey guys. Just got an 8100nex and discovered this forum. I was really hoping to use the gauges feature but apparently it's only the 8200 series that can do that. I have the maestro rr hooked up and all that good stuff. I've seen a few people on here ask about using the 8200 firmware on the radio but have not seen an answer to the question. Currently it has the 1.05 firmware on it I believe.
  10. I Will Make Your Custom Backgrounds!

    Does anybody have a Chevy ss logo type background screen or boot logo. Just installed a 8100nex in an 06 impala ss and went through the whole thread. Didn't see anything. I just discovered this website. Lots of good info