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  1. Appradio 4 sph-da120

    Would also like to know if you had an luck with this - I am in the same situation, have been told a new card is £100 fitted by Pioneer service agent but I am out of the country for 3 months and use (used) the app radio everyday ! There must be a way to get a 4GB card and load the software on ?
  2. I have the same situation, would really like to know if there is a fix for this ! I have actually taken the unit apart and found an SD card inside (4Gb Transcend) which if I plug into my computer does not register at all as if it is dead I tried booting the unit without the SD card and I get a black screen telling me to take the unit to a Pioneer service center, put the SD card back in and and it goes back to trying to start and the constant rebooting thing. I suspect the SD card is faulty or corrupted but I have no way to know